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The one who looks in an open window from outside never sees
as many things as the one who looks at a closed window. There is… 183 de cuvinte mai mult


Tristesses De La Lune

Tristesses De La Lune is the name of a French poem by Charles Baudelaire. It translates into English as Sadness of the Moon. … 155 de cuvinte mai mult

Among The Dead

Azadeh Razaghdoost, The Sick Rose

And you, even you, will be like this drear thing,
A vile infection man may not endure;
Star that I yearn to! 98 de cuvinte mai mult

Lyn Hejinian | From 'Positions of the Sun'

Rinko Kawauchi | Untitled, from the series „Ametsuchi”, 2013


Baudelaire called the public, in its wild enthusiasm for photography, “sun-worshippers.” They loved what they saw. 7.426 de cuvinte mai mult

Poetry & Poetics

The Influence of Psychotropic Drugs On 19th Century Literature

Little eve of drunkenness, holy! were it only for the mask which you gratified us.

We affirm you, method! We don’t forget that yesterday you glorified each one of our ages. 1.204 cuvinte mai mult

Arthur Rimbaud

Les sons et les parfums...

Janina Fialkowska has made a delightful new recording of French piano music titled “Les sons et les parfums…”

You might know that phrase from Baudelaire’s  582 de cuvinte mai mult