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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches

If you ever wondered how rich people spend their money or if you will ever feel the need to buy a very expensive watch, then i’ve got a list for you.These are some of the most expensive watches ever made, plated with different kinds of expensive stones and metals or built with amazingly complex mechanisms. 1,104 more words


Constantin Brancusi Day

At the end of 2015, Iohannis „Dirty” Klaus signed into law a bill that officially commemorates February 19 as Constantin Brancusi Day. Awesome!

The guy truly was a talented artist and was seemingly born that way, as there are stories of him carving intricate things even as a young child. 241 more words


Pantelion Sets Spanish-language Remake of German Comedy Hit 'Goethe' (EXCLUSIVE)

Lionsgate-Televisa joint venture Pantelion is remaking 2013 German box office hit comedy “F… You, Goethe,” above, in line with its strategy to find universal mainstream pics worldwide, and adapt them to Hispanic auds. 327 more words


Hitler Pic 'Look Who's Back' A Smash In Germany; Beta Boards Worldwide Sales - AFM

With David Wnendt’s Adolf Hitler satire Look Who’s Back proving a box office phenomenon in Germany, Beta Cinema is taking on international sales ahead of AFM. 215 more words


Annecy: Report Outlines Trends and Challenges of Europe's Animation

Studiocanal, Aardman Animations, Ben Stassen’s nWave Pictures and Germany’s Constantin emerge as current drivers of Europe’s wide-audience movie animation industry, according to a pioneering study, „Focus on Animation,” which contains a wealth of pan-European and single-territory stats, establishing the base for a fuller report on the sector. 1,163 more words


Condiciones concurso 50 PARA TI

Este concurso no está vinculado con facebook, ni lo patrocina, apoya u organiza. El destinatario de la información facilitada no es facebook, sino

Nuestra oferta se dirige a proyectos (sociales) y PYMEs que están buscando apoyo. 214 more words