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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

Fans Counter-Strike – the audience is special. Many of them still argue about the superiority of version 1.5 over 1.6, what can we say about a complete remake on the new engine! 950 de cuvinte mai mult


"Global Offensive"? You Got That Right! (On Online Trolling and Harassment)

I think it’s a fair assessment and no exaggeration to say that most people who have spent a significant amount of time online have at least witnessed some level of trolling and harassment directed at themselves or at someone else. 990 de cuvinte mai mult


How to create CS 1.6 server and make yourself Admin

In this article we will show you how to create CS 1.6 server and how can you make yourself Admin of that server.

You can easily show your server on LAN by using GARENA +. 242 de cuvinte mai mult


How to solve the LAG or PING problem in CS 1.6

The most common problem now-a-days on almost every server is LAG and PING, which makes your game and the game of the players playing in that particular server Laggy and Stuck. 336 de cuvinte mai mult


eSports: The Sleeping Giant of Entertainment

Disclaimer: there are some very glaring grammatical mistakes in the article. They are a hidden message dedicated to a personal friend. You can easily decipher it, but you may not know what it means. 1.714 cuvinte mai mult


Esports Ready? The State of Esports

One of the most controversial subjects over the past few years, are esports classified as a sport or not? It is an argument that I guarantee will continue until the end of time. 528 de cuvinte mai mult


Complexity Win Sloppy Affair against NRG at FACEIT's American Minor

The week of upsets in the Counter-Strike world continues as NRG falls in an extremely close match with Complexity at the American Minor. After winning a convincing first map on Xache, NRG proceeded to throw away a few leads on Train, only to lose in overtime and eventually get exposed on CT-side of Inferno, dropping eight on nine rounds. 300 de cuvinte mai mult