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Fail: Kim Jong-Un Forgets to Plant Bomb in Counter-Strike; Loses Entire Match for His Team

PYONGYANG-Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un has been practicing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in an effort to learn the secrets of American warfare. The math was on Dust 2. 182 de cuvinte mai mult


Seru, meriah dan menantang dalam Sun Indonesia Premiere Customer Gathering 2016

Sun Indonesia selaku produsen dan supplier tinta, kertas, infus, toner, Mesin press mug, kaos, pin memberikan apresiasi bagi konsumen loyalnya. Hari sabtu-minggu, 26-27 November 2016 bertempat di SUN Training Camp, Tumpang, Malang digeber acara… 1,252 de cuvinte mai mult


CS:GO - You've got hats? We've got gloves.

Hello everyone!

CS:GO released a new update today, and with it came something we were all waiting for! I mean, come on, we knew it was the next thing that could possibly get customization options. 216 cuvinte mai mult


Will GODSENT qualify for the major?

 Even with four of their five players having a major winning history, many people and even talent is doubting GODSENT’s spot in the upcoming ELeague Atlanta 2017 major. 383 de cuvinte mai mult


ECS Season 2 teams announced

ECS is one of the biggest eSports events in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Last Season’s ECS was held in London at the SSE Arena, Wembley, with 8 teams competing it had a total prize pool of $765,000 USD… 181 de cuvinte mai mult


What is Fnatic's problem?

Ranked top 15 at the making of this article (November 23 , 2016) , Fnatic has been going downhill even before the Swedish Shuffle with GODSENT was made. 608 cuvinte mai mult


Critical Ops – Game Review

“The Perfect Counter-Strike Clone for Mobile”
You remember the good ole days, before CS:GO wrecked the Counter-Strike meta. Key mapping was just catching on, so you could still knife rush the Counter-Terrorist nubs. 609 cuvinte mai mult

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