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Important People: SirScoots

Scott „SirScoots” Smith is known to be one of the oldest figures in eSports, due to both his age and and experience in the scene. He made a name for himself in logistics because of his prior job in event logistics. 193 de cuvinte mai mult


The Implications of Niko's Transfer

Amid claims that the Bosnian superstar Nikola „NiKo” Kovač has been transferred from German organisation Mousesports to the North American Faze Clan for the hefty sum of 500,000 dollars, there are a few questions that need to be answered surrounding the implications of what this transfer means for the rest of the Counter-Strike scene. 303 cuvinte mai mult


DreamHack Masters Vegas: Info, Schedule & How to Watch Online

The world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams are in action today at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with eight Group Stage matches that are streaming live. 350 de cuvinte mai mult


Inserting a new subtopic to write?

I’m thinking of creating a section into writing on Counter Strike Global Offensive which is also known as csgo. Not sure how it would turn out but either way, I got to see it for myself. 109 cuvinte mai mult

Thoughts: Feb, 2017

Video Camping Trip! | COD: Gun Game | Call of Duty Funny Moments

Video Camping Trip! | COD: Gun Game | Call of Duty Funny Moments

The Best Youtube Videos Funny Videos, Games, Movies, People…


An old map retires from the competitive category of CS:GO

What am about to say now might be known to some of you through social media.

As the title reads, a popular and the most desired map for all counter strike players is being removed from the competitive arena. 126 de cuvinte mai mult


Of snipers and term papers

​I’ve always followed true my mantra „due tomorrow, do tomorrow,” even if it’s for one major subject and considered as a midterm requirement for the class. 258 de cuvinte mai mult

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