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Honest Trailers Takes Aim At 'Counter-Strike,' The Game That Refuses To Die

Oh, Counter-Strike. It’s hard to believe that the granddaddy of all online shooters is more than 15 years old. I remember first trying Counter-Strike… 123 more words


Watch A 'Counter-Strike' Sniper Get Killed In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Just take 30 seconds and watch the above video (NSFW audio). It comes together beautifully, complete with the punchline. If the audio clip sounds familiar, … 74 more words


Valve Corporation

Valve Corporation (formerly Valve Software, commonly referred to as Valve) is an American video game development and digital distribution company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington… 1,321 more words


Gfinity Spring Masters 2: Cloud 9 vs Immunity

The anticipation for Cloud 9’s first major showing was, at least for me, worth the wait. The team has undergone a major facelift with changes to the roster seeing both Skadoodle and fREAKAZOiD added within the last few weeks. 1,024 more words


More Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Still Learning!

Welcome to Raines World

Hosted by Dan Raines
Twitter: @Rainesworld47, @DNAdvocates

What’s up guys Dan here with episode 2 of my Counter Strike video series. 25 more words

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