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CEVO Season 8 to have a $150,000 prize pool

Only recently we saw team take home CEVO Season 7 LAN final, defeating Na’Vi 3-1 in the grand final. CEVO have just announced their Season 8 tournament with a prize pool of $150,000 dollars. 140 more words


E-Sports Will Never Get the Respect it Wants, But Who Cares?

The announcement that the Electronic Sports League will introduce mandatory drug-testing of its participants next year inevitably invites comparison between e-sports and traditional athletics, but it’s a comparison that isn’t accurate or even desirable. 1,423 more words


Dirty Words, Dirty Tactics, Dirty Bomb

A dirty bomb’s primary role is area denial for civilians. The bomb destroys it’s impact zone with radioactive material thus rendering the area uninhabitable. In the game by Splash Damage(SD), DirtyBomb you have the same principal, your team vs the other team with an irradiated battlefield in between. 1,540 more words

The Escape

Topservers script

Topservers script este un script gratuit facut in PHP ce construieste un website asemantor directoarelor web unde puteti adauga servere de metin2 sau counter-strike iar acestea pot urca in lista pe baza voturilor primite de la vizitatori. 168 more words


Pro Gaming League to Introduce Mandatory Drug Testing

The Electronic Sports League has announced that it will soon require all participants to undergo drug testing.

The announcement comes after it was revealed that several Counter Strike Global Offensive competitors took Adderall while taking part in the $250,000USD tournament. 72 more words


Counter Strike Skin Betting…Has it gone to far?

Counter Strike Skin Betting…Has it gone to far?

So if you don’t know by now Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one most {out of LoL and Dota} Games to be viewed on the internet. 971 more words

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