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Belgium Says No! To Loot Boxes.

Not too long ago we all heard the news that some countries were looking into loot boxes being a form of gambling, and Belgium has decided they are!  173 de cuvinte mai mult


"VAC was unable to verify the game session "

I had this problem when I tried to play a game in Counter Strike Global Offensive. The fix was to go to Steam – Settings – Downloads and choose „Clear Download Cache”, click ok. 14 cuvinte mai mult


Counter-Strike (CS) je serija multiplaier video igara u prvom licu, u kojima se timovi terorista borili za izvršenje terora (bombardovanje, uzimanje talaca) i protivterorističari pokušavaju da ga spreče (odbijanje bombe, talac spasavanje). 7 cuvinte mai mult


Bully Hunters Deserved to Fail

Never in all my years have I seen a social campaign fail as quickly and spectacularly as Bully Hunters did last week.

The group’s apparent mission to stop the in-game sexual harassment of female players floundered on nearly every level and likely ended up doing more damage than not to its crusade. 859 de cuvinte mai mult

Patch Notes

Top 5 Casters in CS

Who are the top 5 casters’ in CS?
Disclaimer: This list is based off how well casters cast. Their personal lives or drama they may be a part of has no impact on this list. 29 de cuvinte mai mult



The man known as kNgv, is one of the most interesting characters to ever come out of CS. He has been kicked from Teams like Immortals and 100 Thieves in the past for various controversial reasons.  103 cuvinte mai mult


Professional gamers could form a players union for eSports

Zachary Rohde

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Two separate groups are in talks to create a players association for professional eSports players, centered around two of the most popular games: “Overwatch” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” 454 de cuvinte mai mult

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