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Top Games you can try on Google Play Store and App Store

Top Games have increased their numbers with this fast growing gaming technology. There is a tough competition for raising up the bars. So, lets have a look on some of them. 507 cuvinte mai mult

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Counter Strike

Trending games to play with friends on Android and Iphone.

Every month many games enter the mobile gaming industry. But among them there are few who can make it to the top. So, lets have a keen look on trending games of the year. 427 de cuvinte mai mult

Counter Strike

Guns of Boom beat the Counter-Strike. Is it True?

When it comes about best First Person Shooter games everyone calls one name – Counter-Strike. Everyone is the fan of Counter-Strike even I also but we cannot play Counter-Strike on our smartphones. 183 de cuvinte mai mult


Counter Strike - Part 1

July 2015 I stepped into a new phase of my Life. The College phase!

We are in such a phase where we are so susceptible to the things around. 786 de cuvinte mai mult

Counter Strike

NUEL - Meet the Team: The Final 16

Following the end of the six placement matches, the fight for the podium place for the CS:GO Winter Championship has been narrowed down to the best 16 university teams from across the country. 1.041 de cuvinte mai mult

Counter Strike

NUEL and the Meme That Is UKCS

Any fan that follows the professional Counter Strike scene will have seen the jokes at the expense of the UK. The region has certainly seen better days when it comes to eSports, however the growth of the NUEL in recent years provides hope that we can once again compete at the highest level. 573 de cuvinte mai mult

Counter Strike