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I recently made my first online Steam purchase. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A first person shooter game made by the legendary company known as Valve. Not only was the game on my ‘to buy’ list for a while but the series in general was just something that I’ve been meaning to take a look at. 262 more words


What is Valve up to: Half-life 3, The Orange Box 2, or nothing at all

Valve – the publishing and development house behind the seminal Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Counterstrike, and Left 4 Dead series’ – is largely seen as a PC-centric company. 280 more words

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive: The problem with the community

Counter Strike has been a game which had had a massive boost in popularity in the last couple years. Helping that along is the ever growing e-sports scene and the frequent sales of the the game which equally comment the 15$ price tag. 457 more words

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Geekly Review #69

Here we are again. Monday morning, and it’s snowing here. I thought Winter was done. What the hell?

It’s been a long since I’ve properly played Destiny, I needed a break from it for a few weeks. 1,445 more words


Video: CS:GO M4A4 Ace!

Clearing out the enemy team.

Corner + M4A4 = Ace

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Counter Strike Tournament with $250k prize pool set to be the worlds biggest

eSports giant ESL is making preparations to host what it is calling the “world’s largest” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, with as much as $250,000 on offer in prize money. 138 more words


Counter Strike

The Journey Begins 

I thought I would do my first review on common ground, so my first review is on Counter Strike, a game I am rather more familiar with (this does not necessarily mean I am good at it). 672 more words