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Top 5 ESport Games of 2016

Esports has become hugely popular throughout the years. It gave birth to eSports video game competitions such as The International, the League of Legends World Championship, and the Smite World Championship, which features live broadcasts of the competition and prize money for its competitors. 458 more words

League Of Legends

College gamers form team, enter growing sport

Tournaments are battleground for this local e-sport team


ATLANTA — A collegiate community of gamers living in Georgia have recently developed teams to compete in nation-wide gaming competitions. 559 more words


How To Create A Config File For Counter Strike Global Offensive


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a config file for Counter Strike Global Offensive. The file is also commonly known as the „autoexec.cfg” file and it’s the place where you can store your individual settings. 583 more words


Motives of an eSports Viewer

In 2015, there were 550,000 average concurrent viewers on Twitch. The average amount of time each viewer watched a month was 421. One of the largest eSports tournaments of 2015, League of Legends Worlds, had 14 million viewers during its finals. 1,448 more words


ELeague: Another Attempt at Prime Time TV eSports

Esports on Television isn’t something that’s completely brand new. Back in 2006 the Championship Gaming Series premiered on MTV which featured such games as Counter Strike, Dead or Alive, and Battlefield 2. 975 more words