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The good grind and the bad grind

Go there kill 10 get 5 and bring it here. Play some games to get ranked. You need to reach Level 10 before you can play ranked. 910 more words

StarCraft II

Phoenix AUG Skin Update

I received some constructive feedback from the internet (I know, right?!) last night at made some tweaks to the design. I felt like I hit a pretty good spot this morning and submitted it here:… 19 more words



I really like the editing in this video and it shows off some of the best awping I’ve seen. CSGO is doing very well in the competitive scene and if you are serious about shooters you have played counter-strike. 25 more words

First Person Shooters (CSGO,Battlefield,Insurgency,etc)

Review: Counter-Strike—Global Offensive (PC) - Geeks Under Grace

via Review: Counter-Strike—Global Offensive (PC) – Geeks Under Grace

Counter-Strike, a game that has passed the test of time in the FPS genre, is back for its latest rendition with Global Offensive. 241 more words


Upgrade Options

Hello All,

There are 3 main upgrades I am looking at for my server. They are as follows:

  1. Upgraded Server RAM and CPU. This upgrade (at $5.00 per month) will increase the performance of the CS:GO server and will help with the download of maps and also the overall game play.
  2. 256 more words
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