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The Lowdown: CSGO Update 1.36.02

Last September 11, Valve released Update 1.36.02 for CSGO. It was a significant patch for the game, so if in case you haven’t been caught up to speed with the new set of changes in Valve’s in-house real life-inspired shooter, read up before you get back in the crossfire. 543 de cuvinte mai mult

Happy Wednesday Players! This post will be a special guest post from a writer on Twitter @EthanThomasJnr regarding his thoughts on Esports! Make sure to give him a follow if you enjoy the post and would like to read more from him! 788 de cuvinte mai mult

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The Beauty of Counter Strike: Global Offensive - An Opinion Piece

I feel like if you asked somebody if Counter Strike: Global Offensive is beautiful that they would either disagree or call you some sort of mean name. 682 de cuvinte mai mult

Counter Strike

Microtransactions in every game. The age of shadows for video games?

„Microtransactions are purely for cosmetic purposes. They do not affect the gameplay. Nobody forces you to spend money.” – Tons of people.

We vote with our wallets.

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de_Dust2 es reworkeado y volverá al competitivo

La cuenta oficial de Twitter de CS:GO anunció el rework al clásico de_Dust2. Significará cambios en el mapa y, posiblemente, la vuelta a la selección en los torneos oficiales. 105 cuvinte mai mult


Desain Terbaru Map Legendaris Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Siapa yang tidak mengenal Counter Strike: Global Offensive ini? Game FPS ini adalah salah satu yang paling banyak dimainkan oleh 124 de cuvinte mai mult


OpTic Gaming’s Rise to Esports Fame

OpTic Gaming formed in the beginning of console Esports back in 2006 when the Call of Duty began to pick up steam with the release of Call of Duty 2. 654 de cuvinte mai mult