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CounterStrike GO: From noob to pro (kind of) Montage #1

I’m pretty bad at Counter-Strike GO; that’s not really a secret. But I play it a lot and I’m getting better at it every day.  I decided to document my journey from a complete noob to a somewhat decent player in this montage video series. 53 more words


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Join the elite counter forces in gunning down your enemies with your awesome shooting skills. Good luck and enjoy!
How to play:
Mouse – Aim and shoot. 21 more words

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The Best Individual. CS:GO's Pro's.

To complement my list of top teams in CS:GO at this exact moment I felt I should do exactly the same but for the individual players. 1,117 more words

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CS:GO's Best. Total Domination.

Continuing a recent theme of CS:GO related posts, I thought I’d compile my list of the current top teams in the pro scene.

These placements are being taken from performances before the summer break; events like the Cologne Major, last seasons ESL Pro league Finals (season 3), ECS Finals, ELEAGUE and their respective qualifiers.   2,033 more words

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Cheating In CS:GO. How to fix it.

I’ve already given my proposal on how to structure the professional CS:GO scene and after a recent video by prominent eSport journalist, host and all round Welsh guy, Richard Lewis. 1,185 more words

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Valve Bans In-Game Coaching At Majors

A problem was recently brought into light that team coaches are no longer able to participate in leading their team through a game at Valve-sponsored major events. 841 more words