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UoM Start NUEL Winter Championship Off With a Bang

The mancunians stomped 1st seed Loughborough 16-1 on cache, showing impressive teamplay and individual skill and cementing them as a team to watch out for this season. 683 de cuvinte mai mult

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The French Fallacy

Ever since their formation this new G2 roster has been hailed as the ‘French Super Team’. However despite their #2 world ranking on HLTV, even the most dedicated fan would have a hard time justifying that title. 177 de cuvinte mai mult

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My take on eSports and CS:GO

CS:GO or Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in eSports. Having played the game fanatically myself and still do from time to time, it is a very exciting competition for me to watch. 289 de cuvinte mai mult


Genetically Modified Behaviour

“Barely fifty-years old yet recreational diving is  – in cultural terms – only slowly emerging from the Dark Ages of sexual inequality.” Says Professor Greta Wrassebender, author of the internationally acclaimed, … 663 de cuvinte mai mult


The Lowdown: CSGO Update 1.36.02

Last September 11, Valve released Update 1.36.02 for CSGO. It was a significant patch for the game, so if in case you haven’t been caught up to speed with the new set of changes in Valve’s in-house real life-inspired shooter, read up before you get back in the crossfire. 543 de cuvinte mai mult

Happy Wednesday Players! This post will be a special guest post from a writer on Twitter @EthanThomasJnr regarding his thoughts on Esports! Make sure to give him a follow if you enjoy the post and would like to read more from him! 788 de cuvinte mai mult

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