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Eiffel Tower: Throw Pillow

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Mr. Sickles and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in June, but had a busy summer. Last week we finally took ourselves to Paris to celebrate, and man, did we have a great time. 260 de cuvinte mai mult


Honeymoon with Myself in Paris. Top 22 Things to Do

Traveling gak selalu menyenangkan. Banyak hal ngeselin seperti:

1. Antrian Panjang dan Over Crowded 

Mulai dari security check, masuk ke pesawat dan counter imigrasi sampai tempat wisata dan resto ternama. 7.580 de cuvinte mai mult


Bread and Cheese

Leaving North America we were up early and off to Manhattan on the subway. We took the shuttle to JFK from Grand Central Station a bit early because whenever we add just one more activity, we end up being the last ones on with many glares. 2.103 cuvinte mai mult

How To Retire

On Paris things

Last week, I was fortunate enough to join my family in Paris! It was my first time traveling by train and in Paris! I must say, I think I will be back again. 60 de cuvinte mai mult

PARIS: eiffel in louvre with you (again)

After a quick stop over in Interlaken to stay with some of Abi’s family friends (& see the 13 new born kittens) it was time to head to Paris, our final destination of the trip. 580 de cuvinte mai mult


Taking On The Clay: 48 Hours in Paris

So, in addition to my love of all things boozy, tasty, and roving the world looking for adventure, I also LOVE sport. Whether it’s football, rugby, netball, athletics, whatever, I’ll watch it regardless, but nothing quite marks my year like the tennis grand slams. 635 de cuvinte mai mult