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poem: “a playwright in one act.”

„a playwright in one act.”

maybe i’m a new
sort-of flower
that turns from the sun
so that it might bloom
under the gazes of starlight and maybe… 128 de cuvinte mai mult


Oh, a Rhinoceros!

In just nine days we (seventeen students, a parent, and I) leave for Veszprém. We will spend three days there as participants in the National English Language Drama Festival… 140 de cuvinte mai mult

Proud to be human

I regularly reflect on what it is that makes us humans different from other species – not necessarily superior, but different – and feel it is our capacity for reason, and our self-awareness. 499 de cuvinte mai mult



20 martie, de la ora 19.00

„Rinocerii” lui Ionesco (autor), văzuţi de Alain Timár (regizor), luminaţi de Sebastian Raţiu (light design),  Cătălin Ștefan Mîndru (Jean), … 499 de cuvinte mai mult


Eugene Ionesco, on his birthday November 26

Dreams,visions, and the upending of conventions, an art of examination by the shifting of contexts, paradoxes and koan-like performances constructed as riddle-tests of initiation; Eugene Ionesco pursued a theatre of radical freedom which challenges us to live meaningfully. 411 cuvinte mai mult

A Biographical Accident — Christina Tudor-Sideri

A biographical accident. I don’t know what time it is. I don’t know the day, the month, nor the year of this moment. I think it was Christmas a couple of months ago. 2.004 cuvinte mai mult

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