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Speed Dating Feedback Experiment

We Love Feedback, I think that’s clear by now. And it isn’t just because feedback makes us stronger but also because it is indispensable in a self-managed environment. 760 de cuvinte mai mult


(786) 100 newest feedbacks including(last march attempt)

Gathered and Answered by: SYED NAJMUL HASNAIN NAQVI.

Q1. Arrange a/c to speed from fastest to slowest. 2.917 cuvinte mai mult


Feedback Rules

Feedback is like a drug to me, and I’ve been a junkie for it all of my working life. Not just the nice, ‘you’ve done a good job’ kind of feedback, but more of the ‘here’s what you can do better’ variety that gives me something tangible to munch on.

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To all the readers who asked for the ropeworm protocol

June 20, 2019

How is your ropeworm cleanse going? It has been a little over a month since I offered the Ascension Diet Ropeworm Cleanse chapter free to anyone who asked for it. 23 de cuvinte mai mult


How can I help that trainee-in-difficulty?

This new article co-authored by one of my PhD supervisors has application for my role as a supervisor of training and medical educator. It’s all about the low-achieving student (in the university context) but I think it applies equally to the „trainee-in-difficulty”. 234 de cuvinte mai mult


Why are revisions so damn hard?

Revisions really suck. There is no gentler or politer way to state this truth. Going back to a piece of work, long or short, that you have „finished” and realising it is nowhere near „finished”, and having to do more work on it is not something most writers look forward to. 974 de cuvinte mai mult


Don't Tell Them Your Plans

There is a saying that goes, „Don’t tell them your plans. Show them your results.” No idea who said it or where it came from. In general, I agree, but probably only because I’m an ask-forgiveness-not-permission kind of guy. 237 de cuvinte mai mult