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Mating Ritual Priorities

Clarie’s Knee (film). Yes please, sign me up for a bibliophile. Do you require a partner who reads? Why or why not? Photo: Differ TV

Saint Muse

Kodak Memories, What To Do?

When I first married my wife and I decided to capture our life together on film. With a little help from Kodak the number one producer of film encouraging us to do so. 1.084 de cuvinte mai mult


Rebecca, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock’s psychological thrillers read like the notebooks of a mid-century Freudian analyst. Psycho (1960) is an overt example of pathology designed to fascinate and revolt postwar nuclear families; … 557 de cuvinte mai mult




The subject matter present in this French-language drama, set in 1978, in which a female musician looks to create a new sound is indeed quite fascinating and it’s a charming celebration to the electronic music’s female pioneers but the film certainly offers nothing special or particularly groundbreaking. 46 de cuvinte mai mult

Artist Feature: Mitchell Kois’ Short Film “The Audition”

The release of Mitchell Kois’ second short film “The Audition” is now available via Vimeo. Check out the video by following this link. Mitchell Kois is a writer, director, and actor from South Bend, Indiana. 358 de cuvinte mai mult

Artist Feature

Full Steam Ahead: The Real Reason Why Mortal Engines Is Worth Revisiting

„Mortal Engines” may have flopped at the Box Office but it’s worth revisiting the film, especially for it’s message of female empowerment. The film’s main character, Hester Shaw is everything that young girls should look to as a role model, being a fiercely independent young woman who has to overcome her own fears and face her own flaws.

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