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Antidote to Happiness

I had an interesting phone call today – someone trying to sell me „old coins”.

They were actually sets of football medallions from the 1998 and 2002 World Cups, which were sold or given away in supermarkets at the time. 467 de cuvinte mai mult

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Make Tech Easier: How to Use Google Translate in Google Sheets

Make Tech Easier: How to Use Google Translate in Google Sheets. „Google Translate is a handy tool when learning a new language. With the Google Translate app, you have various options available such as identifying a language or using your camera to translate a sign (among others). 30 de cuvinte mai mult

Useful Stuff

Looking up unfamiliar words

One tip I give my students, sometimes in a bid to break their love affair with Google Translate, is to look up an unfamiliar word in that country’s search engine – at its simplest, set the search language and type in the word. 24 de cuvinte mai mult

First world problems

I hired a cleaning service. I spent the first week here asking women how they clean or if they have a cleaning lady, and got a wide variety of responses. 413 cuvinte mai mult

05:56 a. m.

Had my morning coffee & am thinking about various things. One of the bakeries near the train station has opened already, Yorma’s inside the train station (German: Bahnhof) as well. 71 de cuvinte mai mult


A happy family is a Smart Work!

You envy your neighbours and blame your destiny when you see Deshpande’s and Sharma’s next door! They are happy families. Whenever you see them, you are happy, and you want to be like them. 922 de cuvinte mai mult