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VentureBeat: Google Translate launches Transcribe for Android in 8 languages

VentureBeat: Google Translate launches Transcribe for Android in 8 languages. „Google Translate today launched Transcribe for Android, a feature that delivers a continual, real-time translation of a conversation. 24 de cuvinte mai mult

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A CLOSE CALL………………..

I looked out at the blue Bosphorus shimmering in the afternoon light and thought to myself “ I guess I will be buried in Istanbul………..” Rapidly the next thought was the memory of shortness of breath and the exponential panic and anxiety that surfaces with rising hypoxia, … 1.236 de cuvinte mai mult

One of Google's best inventions ever just went live on Android

  • Google Translate is getting an excellent new feature on Android devices.
  • Called Transcribe, the feature lets you translate and transcribe someone’s words in real-time, as they’re spoken.
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Why should I hire a human translator?

In recent years, Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have got more refined and their accuracy has greatly improved. But does this mean human translators are not needed anymore? 241 de cuvinte mai mult

English To French Translator

Found in Translation

Someone had posted several images that had text in Spanish. I was able to to piece out the sentences on my own to get get the joke. 287 de cuvinte mai mult

Slice Of Life - Two Writing Teachers

Google Translate received new languages in the latest update

For quite a long time, Google Translate hasn’t witnessed any new language addition. In the recent update, the tool, popular for its seamless language translation services, has received five new languages. 175 de cuvinte mai mult


All About Wordplay with Google Translate

According to a post from, English language is still the top ranked language spoken all over the world (though a close 2nd is Mandarin Chinese). 553 de cuvinte mai mult