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Man how I love these moments where you have an insight about your life, someone just picks you up on something and you realise, damn is that what is wrong with me? 611 cuvinte mai mult

How A Pop Song Could “Watch” You Through Your TV

Researchers at the University of Washington have demonstrated that phones, smart TVs, Amazon Echo-like assistants, and other devices equipped with speakers and microphones could be used by hackers as clandestine sonar “bugs” capable of tracking your location in a room. 9 cuvinte mai mult

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Eggcellent Egg Hacks

Perfect Poached Eggs

Fill half a cup with cold water, crack in your egg, place a small plate on top of the cup and into the microwave for 1min30secs (depending on if you want the yoke to be hard – 1mins for runny yoke) you can also add in your flavouring to this before you cook it or after (for the egg to not explode pierce the yoke before you cook it) 87 de cuvinte mai mult


The 2 apps to get any app you want !

Have you ever wanted an app but didn’t want to spend money or had to spend months waiting for it to be put on sale. If you’re that kind of guy don’t worry, you’re in luck. 185 de cuvinte mai mult


Boom Beach Hack Tool! Free Diamonds Generator No Survey!

Whenever a brand-new affordable freemium game hits the market, there”s always a crazy dash to obtain and also attempt to the top of the leaderboards. Nach den sehr erfolgreichen Spielen Clash of Clans und Hay Day hat das Entwicklerstudio Supercell das Pitch Boom Coastline raus gebracht. 437 de cuvinte mai mult

Knowing The Ideal Hack apk To Shop For Is Easy With Such Superb Advice

Gaming systems have obtained a well known devote most family homes on this planet. Lots of people enjoy Hack apk to move some time, however, some lucky folks are paid back playing Hack. 918 cuvinte mai mult

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