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Statistics Saturday: Seven 'Kabibble Kabaret' Exchanges That Are Not Actually Jokes

I can’t help it. They’re awful and yet compelling for some reason. I’m sorry, so very sorry. Dates are when the vintage Thimble Theatre reprint with the Kabaret exchange appeared on… 238 more words


How to catch 'em all...

Everyone is out in the streets catching Pokemon and it is glorious. I was recently blessed by my Fairy Tech Brother Jus Technology with a super useful Pokemon Go hack using Python. 104 more words

Beauty Hack: Cleaning your brushes.

I know everyone hates to clean their makeup brushes, i know i do but the most frustration thing is that a lot of makeup brands come with these expensive brush cleaners. 84 more words


Who's That Pokemon?

Since I seem to be on a bit of a Pokemon Go kick with my writing, and by that I mean I just wrote about it yesterday, I thought I’d let you all in on a little expert hack I discovered. 322 more words


Fake lashes tip!

So I recently come across this little hack/tip for applying false strip lashes. I used to apply them daily and wear multiple strips at a time and you wouldn’t be able to tell however in my old age (okay since I became a mum) fake lashes aren’t top of my list, so when I do try to apply them now they look a mess, I can never get it right. 165 more words


On the "Results" of the FBI Child Pornography Operation

“Operation Pacifier” was a take down of one of the largest child pornography sites known to the FBI with consequences as unsettling and problematic as its name. 1,139 more words


Hive: How we strived for a clean fork

The DAO soft-fork attempt was difficult. Not only did it turn out that we underestimated the side effects on the consensus protocol (i.e. DoS vulnerability), but we also managed to introduce a data race into the rushed implementation that was a ticking time bomb. 1,169 more words