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7 Beauty Hacks

I’m sure every girl has experienced not bringing all of their makeup when travelling somewhere. I am guilty of this quite often because I pack so quickly. 343 more words


How I hacked PutPeace

This is the first time I have spotted a vulnerability in an application, and I am excited to talk about it! For those who don’t know, PutPeace is a start up at IITM, which provides (extremely) convenient online printing services. 828 more words


Developer hacks Apple Watch to boot and run Windows 95

Developer Nick Lee has managed to hack a working version of Windows 95 onto his Apple Watch. The utility of this is close to zero — but it is hilarious to watch. 166 more words

AAPL Company

Order Amazon Add-on items without minimum order value

I have to admit that living in the US made me a big fan of Amazon Prime. One thing that annoyed me recently is that Amazon is listing more and more products as Add-on items. 231 more words


Laremy Tunsil's Dark Draft Night

The appeal of watching the NFL draft live on television, as far as there is any appeal to speak of, is the sweet, inconsequential taste of manufactured drama. 725 more words

Slack bot developers were unwittingly leaking sensitive corporate data

Developers at major businesses who build apps for the instant-messaging platform Slack have unwittingly exposed key information like chat logs, direct messages, and passwords by recklessly sharing their programs in public. 605 more words