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How to get out of a reading slump

Reading slumps are painful, you know you want to read (well maybe you don’t), you know there are books you can read but you just can’t read. 288 de cuvinte mai mult


Every Day Carry - Customize your EDC to be Light and Functional

In case you are unaware EDC is your Every Day Carry – the stuff you have on your person at all times. The basic concept is about being in a position to deal with life’s daily problems with just the items you have in your pocket. 1.316 cuvinte mai mult

1st Aid

Young duo sentenced over role in TalkTalk data breach

Two men are facing a prison sentence after admitting their part in the recent TalkTalk data breach.

The attack saw the details of thousands of customers compromised, at a cost of around £42 million. 268 de cuvinte mai mult

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Ultimate Freezer Pizza Hacks

You clicked on this because the word „hack” was in the title, thinking that I’d be giving you some clever tips and ingredient add-ons to freshen up the most estimable quiescently frozen confection: pizza. 449 de cuvinte mai mult


Trick Your Brain To Eat Less

It’s a well-known fact that stress has a major impact on our food-related behaviors and decisions. Stress can come in many different forms. A lot of it is also outside of our control. 425 de cuvinte mai mult

Weight Loss

[TECH] BrickerBot is a vigilante worm that destroys insecure IoT devices

A hacker called The Janitor has created multiple versions of a program called BrickerBot, a system that searches out and bricks insecure IoT devices. A researcher named Pascal Geenens has followed the worm for a few weeks and has seen it pop up and essentially destroy infected webcams and other IoT devices. 25 de cuvinte mai mult


Things you must do this summer

1. Drink a little bit more wine than you should.
2. Go see live music outdoors.
3. Play in the sprinkler.
4. Watch lightning bugs. 125 de cuvinte mai mult