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Don't get lost: A quick tip concerning castles in Portugal

After a little informal poll on my Instagram stories I’m doing some adjustments to my posts both here, on WordPress, and on Instagram. That includes shorter, simpler posts and more practical information. 302 cuvinte mai mult


.hack GU Last Recode: Let's do the Time-Warp Again

.hack. The term brings back memories of high school. A game that felt like an MMO minus the internet connection was such an awesome idea. Plus the storyline of players falling into comas after playing these games was such a cool concept at the time. 794 de cuvinte mai mult

Video Games

Google view image and search by image Quick Fix


n 90 seconds, I will teach you how to replace the view image and search by image feature that has recently been removed by Google.



Easy Frappuccino Hack

I LOVE Starbuck Frappuccino’s. Mocha or Caramel. I found a hack and it is just as good as startbucks, but you can make it at home. 58 de cuvinte mai mult

How to Easily Hide Stereo Speakers (DIY)

If you have a special someone that is a Sound snob Connoisseur (you know what I mean, or you are this person) they will fight tooth and nail to have multiple speakers put throughout the living room. 1.696 de cuvinte mai mult


Hackaday Belgrade 2018 is this weekend 26th of May. Get ready for Retro Computing BASIC badge hacking.

This weekend 26th of May Hackaday will have their second conference in Belgrade.

You can see the program here.

The conference badge is cool retro computer running BASIC. 65 de cuvinte mai mult


Quick trick: How to get rid of Youtube Ads without paying any money?

Are you tired of those YouTube ads? They are killing us with their monetization for sure.. I in fact like online ads, but if there a ton of them on every video I watch (one every 5-8 minutes), then its too irritating, right? 910 cuvinte mai mult