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Pranksters Reportedly "Hack" McDonald's Drive-Thru To Be Vulgar To Customers

There are any number of issues one might encounter when ordering at the drive-thru of their local fast food restaurant — the intercom is broken, you can’t hear the employee, or you receive the wrong order. 195 de cuvinte mai mult

Retail Services

Maven: Parent POM in repo, but Non-resolvable error

If you are using maven you may have been flabbergasted by an error like this

 Non-resolvable parent POM: Failure to find at.test:test:pom:23 in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of central has elapsed or updates are forced and 'parent.relativePath' points at wrong local POM @ line 9, column 10
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Tutorial Memutuskan Koneksi Internet Menggunakan Mdk3 Kali Linux

Halo teman-teman kali ini saya akan memberi tutorial cara memutuskan koneksi internet orang lain menggunaka mdk3 kali linux

Sebelum mencoba memakai tutorial ini, sebaiknya anda lebih berhati-hati dalam menggunakannya, karena kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas kesalahan yang akan anda tanggung sendiri, kami memberi tutorial ini hanya untuk menambah manfaat dan wawasan anda. 185 de cuvinte mai mult


Subway Surfers Winter Holiday Hack Cheats for iPhone, ipad (Ios/2016)

What’s New ??

Get Ready for the holidays – Festive updates

★ The Subway Surfers are celebrating Winter Holiday in the snow ★

★ Explore beautiful ice caves and surf along enchanting toy factories ★ 43 de cuvinte mai mult


Troubleshooting Bicycle Dynohub and LED light conflict.

I bought a Shimano bicycle Hub dynamo and a Raleigh RSP2 LED bicycle headlight. When working together they are very impressive, casting a beam that makes night cycling much easier with an impressive ability to see and be seen. 1,192 de cuvinte mai mult

Why being SINGLE at Christmas is the best thing that can happen to you

I.   For starters you get all the Christmas sweets to yourself

II.  You can stuff yourself with all that tasty, christmassy junk and you don’t have to feel ashamed of yourself one bit. 315 cuvinte mai mult