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Microsoft never disclosed 2013 hack of secret vulnerability database


Hackers broke into Microsoft’s secret, internal bug-tracking database and stole information related to vulnerabilities that were exploited in later attacks. But the software developer never disclosed the breach, Reuters reported, citing former company employees. 561 de cuvinte mai mult


Recipe Hack: California Pizza Kitchen's Quinoa Arugula Salad

This ‘salad’ was beyond words.

It’s not your typical “I’m going to be hungry in an hour after eating this” kind of salad. It is comforting and fresh. 475 de cuvinte mai mult


twitter hacking

Last week, Twitter announced that the details of around 250,000 of its users may have been compromised before it discovered and stopped an attack on their network. 634 de cuvinte mai mult


Black Market Malware

Aside from hacktivism, there are those who use hacking for the much darker purpose of cybercrime and cyber warfare.

The Internet, with all of its wonders, is still vulnerable to exploitation. 160 de cuvinte mai mult


Release the Kracken!

Got a WiFi baby monitor? Got a fancy WiFi kettle? Bought a smart TV with WiFi? How’s that WiFi connection in the car working out for you?  329 de cuvinte mai mult