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Everything is Mind Hack : From a Chair to Commercial


“Container determines what can be contained”[1]


Minds shape what we could imagine


What shapes our minds?


Everything hacks your mind

Everyone has an agenda… 11 more words


Behavioral Detection Software: How Police Are Listening to You Part 3

Behavioral Detection Software: How Police Are Listening to You Part 3

Thibault Serlet

What Are Behavioral Recognition Systems?

Behavioral recognition systems (BRS) are one of the first law-enforcement applications of AI. 1,457 more words


Business Messaging Site Slack Reports Hack Lasting Four Days

A startup messaging system used by more than 60,000 businesses including Google, Apple and Amazon became the latest victim of a data breach. 179 more words

Slack reveals February data breach

Slack has announced that its customers’ usernames, passwords, and email addresses were compromised by hackers who broke into the company’s internal servers.

In response, Slack has added two-factor authentication along with a feature that allows team leaders to force employees to reset their passwords and log back into the service. 232 more words


Hack Facebook Account Using Binu App

Everyone out there wanna hack facebook these days There are a lot of sites/apps which say that they can hack hack facebook but they are all fake There is no real app/site publicly which could hack Facebook So for all the ioNTweaKs Readers,here’s a working facebook hack using Binu app 188 more words


Why aren't law firms required to disclose when they've been hacked?

Citigroup has warned against trusting sensitive information to law firms, which aren’t required to reveal data breaches and often cover them up.

The New York Times… 336 more words