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Hacked: Phishing scam targets Gmail users

NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP – A new highly effective phishing technique is targeting Gmail users, along with other email services.

Mark Maunder, the CEO of WordPress security plugin Wordfence… 525 de cuvinte mai mult


Mr Robot - Seasons 1&2

Mr. Robot got me interested after seeing an awesome quote on Facebook, I think it was: „Fuck society!”, I said then: I have to see this! 450 de cuvinte mai mult

Seriale Si Filme

Simple Hacks To Help You Build New Habits

Creating new habits isn’t easy. Here are six simple hacks that will make it a little easier. Use them until you’ve internalized the new habit and don’t need them anymore. 485 de cuvinte mai mult


Potato Hackin': Update

I. Am. Over. Potatoes.

Seriously. It’s been about a month of potatoes and I’m doing terribly. I eat potatoes every day at work for lunch and it’s gotten to the point where I just choke them down because that’s all I’ve got. 369 de cuvinte mai mult

Beauty : How to Save Money

There is many ways to save money on Beauty items but today I wanted to share with you guys how I organize myself and how to be smart about your beauty shopping. 947 de cuvinte mai mult

Make Up And Beauty

San Francisco transit system hack takes down ticketing system and email

#Email #Hacking #TicketingSystem  San Francisco transit system hack takes down ticketing system and email The nightmare hacking scenario many have feared has finally happened near the heart of Silicon Valley: a major rapid transit system has been hacked. 39 de cuvinte mai mult

College Hacks and Tips

College is expensive af, and if you’re like me you try to find every way to finesse the system and cut corners. In fact, I think that’s one of the best lessons a freshman or someone attending college for the first time should know.  878 de cuvinte mai mult