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Doctor Who Tote Bag on Etsy

TARDIS Blue Cotton Gallifreyan Bag


Hand Screen Printed Tote

Who couldn’t use more space? You’ll get plenty of it with this Doctor Who themed Bigger on the Inside tote bag! 59 de cuvinte mai mult

Simple things.

Chopsticks. Not the most challenging of objects, but a nice thing to make with leftover bits of wood.

I shaped them with a slightly jagged edge, giving them the hand carved appeal. 36 de cuvinte mai mult


Fall Craft


Mesh Ribbon, Pre-cut foam paper (I used a pack of Leaves), Fabric Paint, Hot Glue


This is a simple and cute craft to do.   100 de cuvinte mai mult


Snowy and Peggy

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2!

I have a couple of projects to share with you today, Snowy Jam Jar and Peggy Ballerina :D… 105 cuvinte mai mult

Arts & Crafts

kleine Geschenke selber nähen

Diese Seite wird in der Adventzeit besonders oft aufgerufen. Die häufigsten Suchanfragen (laut wordpress) lauten „Geschenke nähen” oder die Begriffe „Geschenk” und „Nähen” kombiniert.

Zu diesem Thema habe ich bisher noch nichts konkretes gepostet, sieht man einmal von den Beiträgen ab, wo ich darüber berichte, dass ich selbst Geschenke von anderen erhalten habe. 264 de cuvinte mai mult


Holiday Centerpiece or Party Serving Stand

Tis the season for Holiday Parties and decorating…

around my house, it’s starting to kick in full steam.

Instead of stressing out, I try to create items with more than one purpose. 198 de cuvinte mai mult

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Recycle a Toilet Roll into a Pillow Gift Box

What do you need?

Left over cardboard from an empty toilet roll

Brown paper (or could been any patterned paper you want), enough to cover the cardboard toilet roll… 88 de cuvinte mai mult