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Baby friendly owl: wholly natural made of cotton and buckwheat hulls

This owl is made with pure cotton, cotton threads, and it is filled entirely with crispy buckwheat hulls. When you touch the toy they make a lovely crunching sound. 359 more words


Ice Cream Sandwich & Berry Coulis Delight!

So this definitely is not a healthy recipe (sometimes a bit of sugar is in order okay!).

But it’s delicious & simple as a warm weather treat (Cape Town is starting to heat up, YAY). 216 more words

Ballet anyone?

When you have scrap yarn and no idea what to make… one thing leads to another and then another… This project started off as a bunny… then it became a doll… which then turned into a tiny ballerina. 112 more words


Buying my creations in La Creuse, France and online

If you visit la Creuse in Central France you can come and visit me, and my creations! I have a bed and breakfast ( so you can stay with me and I can show you how I make them! 41 more words


Blue Cat Eye & Dragon Necklace

Beautiful Handmade Black Leather Necklace with Shaped Blue Cat Eye & Dragon

What do you think about this necklace? Please let me know, thank you :-) 22 more words


Slow Style: Crochet Cardigan

The Challenge

I scored this crochet tablecloth for $1 at my local Wednesday flea market a while back so when Etimi over at The Secret Costumier… 445 more words


My First Finished Dress

I did it! I finished my first dress and it’s not too bad. I started this dress at the beginning of July while taking the… 268 more words