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February - Week 2

I only have a small update for the blog this week, as last week was half term which meant I got a whole week with my beautiful boy, and only managed to get some crafting done in the evening. 415 cuvinte mai mult


Capture the Beauty of the Faroe Islands in Your Knitting

Trafalgar Square Books is excited to announce the release of FAROE ISLAND KNITS by Svanhild Strøm and Marjun Biskopstø. The Faroe Islands, a far-flung archipelago lying halfway between Norway and Iceland, have a rich and longstanding knitting tradition—knitting was once one of their largest export industries, as well as a dearly-loved pastime. 115 cuvinte mai mult


Lampshade Making Workshop

We had a fantastic lampshade making workshop at The Scotland Shop in Edinburgh. Using their gorgeous 10oz wools Sarah guided a fantastic group of ladies through a workshop to create their very own drum lampshades. 51 de cuvinte mai mult

Craft Party

Maps galore

After the backpack that I made to order last week, this week I have focused on making one for myself. Harder to pattern match without wasting lots of fabric but I have managed to pattern – match pretty well on all individual panels. 154 de cuvinte mai mult