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Chair cozies

You know, those little round things you put underneath your chairs, so they don’t make that scrapy noise across your floor (or damage it, if you don’t have a stone one?). 290 de cuvinte mai mult


Wine red ones

These are like made for wine lovers :D





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Vintage Doll

I have always loved dolls. They appear in my work whenever I want to explore childhood, memory or personal nostalgia. I found this lovely lady in a charity shop last week. 23 de cuvinte mai mult


Michael Jackson Paper Cut

Hey there,

I and Aarthi seem to love paper cuts ;) (reason being she is having a mini vacation for Ramadaan and would not be able to get a new activity done). 220 de cuvinte mai mult


Another notebook cover

Whoo! My first ‘combination’ project from the PCA courses – another notebook cover, which isn’t remotely similar to the first one I made.

I used Sculpey Terracotta clay for the cover’s base, Sculpey III and Fimo Effects for the components, and a whole lot of TLS to bind things together. 278 de cuvinte mai mult


Handmade Jewelwe Available Now! Gold Copper or Nattyrl Copper Cowrie Shell

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Each piece is unique, and not made intentionally like any other piece in it’s collection.

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Natural Odour Killers

We all have a personal fears: someone afraid of ghosts, someone of aliens, some of any kind of chemicals (which is a bit strange for a educated person living in XXI century). 172 de cuvinte mai mult

Skin Care