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Hello Hippies!

I have always enjoyed handmade and craft art. Every time I had the chance to travel, either to the beach or to the countryside, I used to stop by some craft market to take a look at what they had. 239 more words


Penguin Luv Week 24

Welcome to the Penguin Luv Link up!

This is a weekly linkup for handmade products from your online shop. The goal is to help promote your business and get your items seen by new groups of people. 430 more words

The Craft Penguin

Valentine's Post It Pad


Are you in the mood for love? If you’re not you should get into it–Valentines Day is almost here! I believe I am a hopeless romantic at heart. 178 more words

DIY & Crafts

DIY Valentines day gift: Heart Piñata Cookies

Whats better than a cookie? A cookie with mini candies and a love note inside!

I first came up with these cookies for Valentines day last year and made some for my hubby. 539 more words


Purple Yarn

Yesterday I was in the main office/stockroom and noticed a few purples near to each other, which took my fancy. So today I give you: a gallery of purple yarn. 79 more words


Valentines Day picks

What do you do for valentines day with your kids?  In our house my husband always buys my daughter flowers, I think this started when she was just two, and she really loves it. 221 more words

Baby Clothes

Birthday Wishes

With my birthday approaching, only a month away, mixed with my new found love for all things handdyed and ravelry. Here are a few things I am hoping the birthday fairy may bring. 458 more words