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Favorite Polishes of 2016

2016 has been over for a couple of weeks (thank goodness!) but I still wanted to touch on my favorite polishes of the year that I used. 915 cuvinte mai mult

Nail Polish

Moon Jars

It’s good to watch masters at work.  This is a short documentary film about Yang Gu, moon jar maker.

Snowman Embroidery

This winter, I set about making my first snowman-inspired embroidery, inspired by the idea of making my grandmother a homemade gift.

Growing up, like most children, I was quite the expert in homemade gifts, constantly gifting my family members with the crafts and artwork I labored over in school and during my free time. 380 de cuvinte mai mult


Getting My Groove Back

It’s not like I have a regular readership, but for some reason I feel like I need to apologise for having disappeared for so long.  But realistically, who cares? 669 de cuvinte mai mult


Replacing ballpoint refills in handcrafted wood or acrylic pen

Have you purchased a handcrafted wood or acrylic pen and it is in need of an ink replacement? This simple blog post will walk you through the easy process of replacing your ink cartridge. 150 de cuvinte mai mult