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Conspiracy theories I believe

Hello friends!

Today I want to talk about conspiracy theories. But only some of the ones I believe( just remember this is just my opinion). Comment below which ones you believe. 48 de cuvinte mai mult


sky-clad i

i’m a lunatic

moon-struck stars prick fabric of

these infinite loves



Illuminati Took My Children

On Friday February 14, 2020, my children were taken from me by the Cuyahoga County Division of Children & Family Services.  I was not given any information regarding their whereabouts or how to regain custody. 3.868 de cuvinte mai mult


False Prophet: Food For Thought

I’ve heard so much from people who believe that when the false prophet comes into play during the Tribulation, it’ll be whomever the Pope is at the time, but since there’s no Biblically required association that makes that a must, and such is always just a guess, more and more, I’m beginning to wonder about that. 466 de cuvinte mai mult


The Essential Lucas Mangum: Into Beyond, 1

Hi folks, I’m Lucas Mangum. I’m an author of dark fiction with several books published by independent presses. At this stage in my life, I’ve noticed my work has a variety of recognizable themes and motifs. 1.853 de cuvinte mai mult

Conspiracy Theory: Kobe Bryant was Sacrificed for an Illuminati Grammys Ceremony

Was Kobe Bryant a ritual sacrifice for the alleged esoteric ceremony performed year on year at the Grammy awards? A growing internet conspiracy theory alleges that very thing… 246 de cuvinte mai mult

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