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Mission: Impossible Smoothly Delivers Spectacle, Spy Movie Cliches

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
Three stars (out of four)
PG-13 (sequences of action and violence, brief partial nudity)
131 minutes

Few movie franchises make it to a fifth installment without showing signs of weariness, age or impending death. 827 more words

Notorious: Celebrating the Ingrid Bergman Centenary: "Notorious" (1946) ★★★★★

Every time I watch a movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood, I start thinking of how much we have lost nowadays. There are no such movies anymore where an innocent touch and gentle kiss can make two people fall madly for each other, and next day to lose their minds. 498 more words

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I happen to be a Swede myself - Sweden, Ingrid Bergman and Billy Bragg

We are spending two weeks of our summer vacation here in the delightful ancient university town of Lund in southern Gotland, Sweden. With its squares, cobbled streets, army of bicyclists and plethora of book and coffee shops Lund inescapably reminds me of my own Alma Mater, Cambridge. 1,232 more words


Notorious: Celebrating the Ingrid Bergman Centenary: SPELLBOUND (1945) ★★★★★

Alfred Hitchcock, no doubt, is one of the best film-noir maker in film history. No one’s better than him at knowing how to present a film in a way that viewers will in no way predict what can happen next. 435 more words

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A Silver Screen Favourite: Casablanca

There are so many aspects of Casablanca that I love.  The setting, the clothing and the story line. 343 more words


Notorious: Celebrating the Ingrid Bergman Centenary: "Gaslight" (1944) ★★★★★

Years after her aunt, a world famous singer, is murdered in her own home, Paula Alquist (Ingrid Bergman), a young woman moves back into the house with her new husband, Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer). 551 more words

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