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Here's Looking at You Kid: "Casablanca Turns 75 Years Old

“Casablanca,” that quintessentially Hollywood concoction of romance, intrigue, cynicism, idealism, quips and patriotism, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.  Frankly this comes as a surprise because when I originally saw it during college it ALREADY seemed 75 years old.  2.743 de cuvinte mai mult

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The 20 most alluring actresses from Hollywood's Golden Age

We love our movie stars, and I love my actresses, especially those indelible bright lights, those sirens, sex pots and sophisticates, from Hollywood’s Golden Age, roughly the 1920s through the early ’60s. 435 de cuvinte mai mult


Here's To Staying At Home Kid

This was a really interesting challenge that I found on the Interwebs… you had to incorporate the words:  „You’d want to keep me. I’d want… 522 de cuvinte mai mult

Star Wars: Notorious Espionage

One of the joys of being a fan of Star Wars is the fact that the saga itself has its roots in cinematic history. Lucas was a keen student of film and his films have all sorts of nods and allegories to previous works that make them a joy to watch. 685 de cuvinte mai mult

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