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Best Actress Bracket Game Ingrid Bergman Vs. Meryl Streep

We have already eliminated fourteen of the most celebrated leading ladies in Hollywood history.  Our finalists are a pair of two-time Oscar winners in the Best Actress category.   189 de cuvinte mai mult


As Hollywood studio classic turns 75, ‘We’ll Always Have Casablanca’ tells all about how a bunch of Jewish refugees made a great movie about Jewish refugees escaping the Nazis"

Here’s Looking at You, Kid
by David Mikics
February 14, 2017

How Casablanca became the echt Hollywood movie is the subject of Noah Isenberg’s hugely entertaining and insightful book, … 91 de cuvinte mai mult


Best Actress Bracket Game: Ingrid Bergman Vs. Katharine Hepburn

We’re down to just four competitors battling for the crown in our Best Actress bracket game.  All four of our semi-finalists have won multiple Oscars.  In the first of our two semi-final matches, we have two legendary actresses whose respective careers spanned decades.   662 de cuvinte mai mult


Movie Review – 'Casablanca'

Hello everyone! :)

„Here’s looking at you, kid!”

Last Tuesday on St. Valentine’s Day, my parents and I went to see a re-release of the 1942 film… 320 de cuvinte mai mult


The Spy Who Loved Me

One of my favorite movies is Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious” about a woman who is recruited by the U.S. government to infiltrate a ring of Nazi sympathizers in South America after the war. 212 cuvinte mai mult
In My Life

Best Actress Bracket Game: Vivien Leigh Vs. Ingrid Bergman

The Academy Awards are just under two weeks away as we move into the second round of our Best Actress Bracket Game.  Most of the contestants who advanced to the second round are multiple winners.   763 de cuvinte mai mult