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Casablanca (1942) - great posters!

A film can be promoted in many ways, and the posters are extremely important. Today I am showing some interesting and really nice posters created for Casablanca.


Casablanca & the Suture System

Casablanca is a typical example of what classical cinema constitutes and that is a world made up of not-very-subtle ideas. By not-very-subtle, I mean a great deal of emphasis is placed on them. 279 more words

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The Mystery of Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND (1945)

When thinking about Spellbound (1945), it is helpful to place the film in the context of director Alfred Hitchcock’s career. In his filmography, it comes two films after… 1,228 more words

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#137: Notorious




Special Features

  1. Commentaries by Hitchcock film scholar Marian Keane and film historian Rudy Behlmer, editor of Memo from David O. Selznick…
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Happy world smile day!

Apparently it’s world smile day today honouring the inventor of the smiley, Harvey Ball. Lovely idea, so I thought I’d contribute!

There are many daily situations to smile about, like when it comes to office politics… 119 more words

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