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I Am What I Am

(translated from the French of Jacques Prévert)

I am what I am
I’m made like that
When I want to laugh
I burst out laughing… 135 de cuvinte mai mult


Familiale (Jacques Prévert)

The mother is knitting

The son is fighting

She thinks it quite natural the mother

And the father what is he doing the father?

He’s doing business… 510 cuvinte mai mult


Translations: Jacques Prévert by Helen Lam

CHANSON        Jacques Prévert

Quel jour somme-nous?

              What day is today?                                今天是什麼日子?

Nous sommes tous les jours

              Today is each and everyday                    是我們的每一天

Mon amie

              My friend                                                    我的女友 241 de cuvinte mai mult

Bilingual Poetry

Jacques Prévert in Chinese and English

Two translations of Jacques Prévert’s Le Message by Helen Lam

Le Message           Jacques Prévert

La porte que quelqu’un a ouverte

  The door that someone has opened    有人打䦕這扇門

208 cuvinte mai mult
Bilingual Poetry

First Session - 6 Members 6 Languages

Six of us met at MOSAIC, a multicultural centre in Chatswood yesterday and after the meet and greet Terry, our only native English speaker read the… 428 de cuvinte mai mult

Bilingual Poetry

BARBARA (by Jacques Prévert)

(from the French of Jacques Prévert)

Remember Barbara
The rain teeming down in Brest that day
And you striding smiling
Beaming streaming with water
Through the rain… 296 de cuvinte mai mult