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Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

Cinema is the art that most vivifies, in a realistic way, the fantastic world.

Alas, when a film reveals daily details and transforms them in memorable scenes, that is the one to be considered an eccentric piece of art. 286 de cuvinte mai mult


Music | Sur le fil From the Album Amélie from Montmartre By Yann Tiersen

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Feel-good Films: Amélie

Amélie (2001), a Montmartre fairy-tale about a waitress who dedicates herself to helping others find happiness, is la recette parfaite for a feel-good film. Writer and director Jean-Pierre Jeunet teams up with co-writer Guillaume Laurant to create this French fancy of a film, in which the eponymous heroine manoeuvres an array of quirky characters like chess pieces, nudging them towards small victories and joyous moments in their own lives. 659 de cuvinte mai mult