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Turning Napkins into Capes

Copyright Living off Island, Writing Wahine, 2019.

For Father’s Day this year, I took my husband to brunch at a restaurant that was awarded a Michelin Guide Plate ( 833 de cuvinte mai mult


Real Talk

People can always change and become better individuals, but never apologize for the „CORE” of who you are. Never let anyone diminish you. 


The Pride Pours

To Celebrate Pride Month I am doing a series of Acrylic Pours in Rainbow Colors – there will be a music video made of the WIPs. 7 cuvinte mai mult


July Goals to Life Goals: Let's Start Planning Something!

Post-grad feels like summer vacation since I’m unemployed with no plans whatsoever. To be fair, it’s only been 5 days since I’ve graduated, but I don’t want to fall into a spiral of post-grad/post-study abroad depression and succumb into a lazy self-loathing pit of despair. 1.373 de cuvinte mai mult

Whoopi Goldberg vs Bella Thorne

Okay, so, many of you many know about the whole Whoop and Bella situation. For those who do not, let me explain. Bella Thorne got hacked and the hacker said that they would leak her nudes, which she took to send to her partner. 417 cuvinte mai mult

No Context

Written by Jacob Ibrag

„It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” Cryptic.

No context. Coming into the psyches of hundreds.

Mitosis. Sleepless nights plagued within interpretations. 48 de cuvinte mai mult