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Florida Gators basketball drops to a seven-seed in latest bracketology

Florida’s stock has dropped considerably since the last iteration of ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s prediction for next year’s tournament field.

The Gators were a No. 4 seed in that projection but in the latest… 241 de cuvinte mai mult

Men's Basketball

Asemic Poster: The Girl

In your inner cavity,

You also own your Roleiflex beats;

Knocks that build a grave-hose lottery,

that enters the heart-chest memory-

Deep-breaths don’t,

even have a chance, 33 de cuvinte mai mult


Prayer and Petition against Babylon The Fallen

The word of God is filled with the reality that those who oppose God spend all their time plotting and scheming of ways to kill, steal and destroy God’s people. 1.264 de cuvinte mai mult

Spiritual Warfare

Cultural Criticism

My media influences usually include depictions of vigilante justice, feminism through strong female characters, investigative/detective narratives and overall weird/morbid content. From a young age, I looked up to strong female characters such as Lois Lane and funny enough, my love for the Superman movies and television shows influenced my desire to become a journalist. 449 de cuvinte mai mult

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Queen and Slim’s Cynicism Should Prompt Serious Discourse on Race and Criminal Justice

This post first appeared on the Independent Institute.

When Queen and Slim went into wide release in November 2019, trailers suggested the movie was a story of a “black Bonnie and Clyde.” It’s not. 1.514 cuvinte mai mult