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Outfit of the Day at The Moulin Rouge

We All Know The Film, Now It’s Time For An Outfit of the Day!

What is it that makes Montmartre so charming?

Though it may have a rather sordid past, the architectural beauty of Paris’ former red light district is undeniable. 696 de cuvinte mai mult

Memories of Montmartre

Le Refuge

We stepped off the Metro at Lamrack-Caulaincourt to be met directly opposite with a typically authentic Parisian bar/bistro. Of course we headed in for a drink. 658 de cuvinte mai mult

Les Rûches de Notre Dame and the Prize of Paris Honey: Beekeepers Go to Paris

We were dining in Montmartre when the news broke that Notre Dame was on fire. Almost instantly, our phones began dinging with texts from back home.  921 de cuvinte mai mult


Sally - the Brighton 'bouquiniste'

This is the story of Ovingdean resident Sally White, who lived in Paris for three decades and was for many years a bouquiniste – the first foreign-born person to get a licence to sell books on the banks of the Seine. 1.835 de cuvinte mai mult


Paris Je T’aime

It’s sad to see the photos and footage of Notre Dame in flames. While it’s not my favourite Parisian centre of worship – that would be le Sacré Coeur – it is an amazing testament to nearly nine hundred years of faith, community and no little controversy. 218 cuvinte mai mult


Maman: Quick Paris recommendations

We’ve been so immersed in life in Paris we haven’t had a chance to write! We promise to catch up soon though.

In the meantime it is spring break back home and there are many visitors in town. 389 de cuvinte mai mult