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Motorola has patented a smartphone display that can heal itself of cracks


Smartphones are pretty expensive, but they’re also fragile. A simple drop can sometimes result in a shattered, unusable phone. Motorola has pushed forward in fixing this problem fir consumers by… 264 de cuvinte mai mult


New Motorola PM1200 120 Watt 30-50 MHz Lowband Radios Available

New In-Box With Microphone, Cables, Motorola 2 Year Warranty

Motorola PM1200 high-power, lowband mobile radios with the 30-50 MHz spectrum are available. The PM1200’s are new from Motorola and include their 2 year depot warranty. 84 de cuvinte mai mult


Motorola could launch smartphone with self-healing screen: Report

Lenovo-owned Motorola is known for launching smartphones with shatterproof displays. Now the company plans to launch the phone with a new self-healing screen technology, which could fix scratches on the device’s display. 289 de cuvinte mai mult

Motorola has come up with the idea of a self-healing smartphone display for cracked screens

It is based on a material that when heated, is able to „reverse some or all of the deformation” that has occurred.

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