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Motorola's latest wireless earbuds don't live up to expectations

In June, Motorola unveiled its VerveLife line of “lifestyle” products, with the VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds being the first to go on sale. These are truly wireless, existing as two independent pods that you wedge into your ear holes, with no wires or headband to be found. 1,193 more words


Top Smartphones tested for Battery Life

We got our smartphones to the test and find out which ones have the best battery life. Here is what we found.

Battery life– one of the most important things to consider when buying a new smartphone. 313 more words


Motorola VerveLife enhances your every move

● VerveLife products aim to give people with an active, social lifestyle more freedom and
connection to the world around them
● Suitable for anyone who needs more productivity, and those who just want to move more… 427 more words


Select Lenovo Android devices will ship with Office and Skype preloaded

One user’s bloatware is another’s feature. And really, depending on where you fall on Microsoft productivity software, this could go either way, really. Lenovo announced today… 162 more words


Motorola Moto Z / Force vs Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge

When it comes to flagship smartphones, consumers certainly don’t suffer from a lack of choice, but on the flip side, with so many great options available, it is quite difficult to select which device is best suited for you. 2,523 more words


Lenovo bloats up Android with Microsoft Office and Skype

Microsoft has introduced that its device will be soon be preloaded onto a few of Lenovo Android units. productivity apps including Microsoft place of work, OneDrive, and Skype will probably be loaded onto chosen Lenovo merchandise running Google’s operating system, the result of a new patent go-licensing settlement the two corporations signed that covers both Lenovo and Motorola devices. 280 more words


Mis experiencias con iOS, Android y Windows Phone

Ya ha pasado alguna semana desde que decidí dejar aparcado mi iPhone para utilizar un dispositivo Android y poder vivir de primera mano la nueva versión de su sistema operativo. 3,406 more words