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Moulin Rouge Celebrates a 130-year Anniversary

A target to hordes of tourists, the Moulin Rouge is one of the most emblematic monuments of Paris. Before becoming a mythical place, the cabaret was a den of debauchery – a symbol of the Belle Époque madness. 334 de cuvinte mai mult

19th Century Paris

Wicked & Moulin Rouge

Today I want to share with you something from a swedish competitions tv-show and in this episode we got to enjoy some of swedens best when they sang songs from Wicked and Moulin Rouge. 57 de cuvinte mai mult


Track of the Week: The Sparkling Diamond - Moulin Rouge

Based on the smash-hit musical of the same name, Moulin Rouge opened on Broadway this June.
The Original Broadway Cast Album is now available to purchase and download from all good music retailers. 27 de cuvinte mai mult

Centre Stage

Becoming Nini: The Story of Robyn Hurder's Audition for Moulin Rouge

The Interview: Robyn Hurder

Conducted by Michael Raver

Auditions are stressful. There’s no two ways about it. When an actor walks into an audition room, they’re adjudicated and evaluated for everything: the way they look, sound, and behave, and this is in addition to what they’re asked to perform. 950 de cuvinte mai mult


Musical Of The Week - Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is currently amazing audiences on Broadway with it’s glitz, glamour, style and flair, not to mention it’s soundtrack packed to the rim with popular music and some real classics, spiced up and mixed to fit the story. 499 de cuvinte mai mult


Paris: Day 9


Moulin Rouge, Les Mur Des Je T’aime, and other adventures – getting lost on the way to Sacre Coeur!

BEST OF THE DECADE – 2000’S: Tristan, PART 3: #5-10

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of the decade that truly brought Cory and I together as fans of cinema. What are my next five films? 2.237 de cuvinte mai mult