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After College Graduation

Continued from Aunt Vi

It was only a one year college that provided incredible instruction and hands on experience in the fashion industry. A way for us to learn all details in order to decide what we liked best. 655 de cuvinte mai mult


Paste: Unique Valentine's Day Travel Inspiration

If burning the name and images of the lover who scorned you in the streets sounds perfectly cathartic, then Paris is the Valentine’s Day destination for you.

My latest for Paste.


Montmartre was a tomb.

My Great Aunt left that out when she proposed the idea. Granted, that may have been because I (still) don’t speak French, and our attempts to communicate usually involve a dictionary. 1.230 de cuvinte mai mult


Universal Yum Box Country is.....

This month Country is……. France! France has been a place that I have dreamed of going to since I was a kid. Let’s dig in and see what we got.


"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" -Van Gogh, The Paris Years

Boulevard De Clichy, Paris 1887

Bonjour toute le monde, ca va? I’ve been with my family the past few days and we’re watching old movies and… 1.306 cuvinte mai mult