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Users of Netflix are being warned as ‘phishing’ emails are being sent in aim to scam their users.

The emails says there has been a „subscription payment failure” and then goes on to say that the user must validate their bank details to regain their service. 188 more words


PayPal has a Super Bowl ad, too

At the rate companies are releasing their Super Bowl ads prior to this Sunday, it’s a wonder why they even spent the millions to air them during the big game at all. 181 more words


Mengikuti Program WordAds

Jika ada di antara Anda yang mengamati blog saya ini (eh, emang ada ya? haha), pasti akan notice (bahasa Indonesianya yang pas apa ya?) dalam 3 bulan terakhir ini ada sesuatu yang berbeda di bagian  540 more words


Bitcoin, Online Payments & The Scourge of Paypal

From 2003-2012 I built up and ran a technology blog called ReadWriteWeb. At its peak it had over twenty people working for it, nearly all of them in the US. 1,213 more words


Cara Buka akun PayPal dan Berjualan di Etsy

Assalamu ‘alaikum,

Note: This article is an answer to questions asked in the local crochet group in Indonesia and is written in Bahasa Indonesia. To read in English please use Google translator. 724 more words


Kako napraviti PayPal nalog i povezati ga sa karticom?

Šta vam je potrebno?

  • email adresa – možete je napraviti na nekom od besplatnih servisa (Gmail , Yahoo)
  • Visa Electron kartica – treba da otvorite račun u banci, uglavnom je za 2 nedelje kartica gotova…
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