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Newly Single Anthony Bourdain Says His Work Schedule 'Comes at a Cost' to His Marriage

Anthony Bourdain has a vision of what a „normal” family is: „It’s one of those weird sitcoms where Mom and Dad and their kids all sit down at the table and eat dinner together.” But when it comes to his own life, „that’s just not the way it ever was,” he says. 435 more words


Gordon Ramsay Names the 5 Worst Halloween Candies

Gordon Ramsay is never one to shy away from a culinary critique, and it appears not even Halloween candy is safe from his wrath.

In a segment on… 228 more words


Ina and Jeffrey Garten Share the Secrets to Their 48-Year Marriage

Ina Garten went from housewife to White House nuclear policy analyst to culinary celebrity, and she’s had her husband Jeffrey by her side every step of the way. 716 more words


#SaveTheYsalamiri by the Arts and Crafts Division for #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels

A new, proud adoptive parent of a ysalamiri! Named Ystephen who now lives „down under” with the Australians! Yeah mate! Careful, once you remove them from their box, they get into EVERYTHING! 81 more words

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Getting PayPal API Credentials for WooCommerce Refunds

You can process payments in WooCommerce with PayPal using only the account email.  However, in order to refund payments from within WooCommerce you must enter your PayPal API credentials. 74 more words

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Martha Stewart on Cooking with Snoop Dogg: 'I've Learned a New Vocabulary'

When you’re hanging out with one of America’s most famous rappers, you’re bound to pick up on some new lingo.

For Martha Stewart — who is co-hosting… 224 more words