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A Note to Readers About Patreon

As you may have read over the last few days, Patreon—the billing system that I and many other artists and writers use to enable readers to support our work financially recently implemented some changes in how they do their billing. 605 cuvinte mai mult


PayPal Co-Founder, S.F. Entrepreneur Talks Bitcoin, Digital Security in Q&A

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Max Levchin helped introduce the masses to the concept of a digital wallet when he co-founded PayPal in the late 1990s. 521 de cuvinte mai mult


Kerry Terry December 10, 2017

Well didn’t exactly get what I was planning on doing done. But did drill holes in cabinet and got some stuff hooked up.  Though will have to do the original plan of the double book shelf thing for vcr since the tv cord wont reach the cabinet. 240 de cuvinte mai mult


Sunday Seventeen 10.12.17

Finally I got my pancard, therefore I could open my paypal account and …. long story short- You can now buy the Ezines and make me really happy or if you feel like it help me into making my passion my livelihood by becoming my patrons and getting my books from there, one/two book each month, mini books with stories/poems/illustrations… or something special if you ask for it and I can produce it for you! 38 de cuvinte mai mult


Sunday Shots 10.12.17

have a great day!

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Sharmishtha Basu

Canadian Paypal Subsidiary, Tio Networks, Leaks 1.6 Actor Chump Records

A contempo aperture affecting PayPal’s afresh bought TIO Networks complex the declared aperture of 1.6 actor chump records, affecting both TIO barter and barter of TIO billers. 310 cuvinte mai mult