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My Commission Pricing and Yours

(LONG POST) – Art discussion

I’m at this point in my „art career” where I’m trying to figure out the best pricing. I see some great artists pricing their work quite low (this increases the competition of course), then there’s the godly artists that well, I love to look at the art of and I don’t consider them competition because only huge companies hire them (phew, hahaha). 602 more words


My Online Shopping Addiction (and how it can be yours)

Um, have I mentioned that I like to shop?


Well, I do.

And having three kids around often makes it hard to get to the stores that I want, when I want. 366 more words


eBay vs Amazon

 I spend a lot of my time online shopping. I spend a lot of my money online shopping.

On average I would say I purchase 1 item per month on either eCommerce site.

321 more words

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You Can Still Buy Via PayPal!!

While we are resolving our credit card payment issue, you are welcome to pay via PayPal! It’s fast and easy! Save %20 during our Extended Sale! 7 more words

Back in March, Marriott Hotels announced that it plans to accept Apple Pay as a payment form at many of its properties this summer, and today the hotel chain has updated its  207 more words