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Bank of Apple' Moves Closer With New Patent To Kill PayPal, Square

Apple has quietly filed for a new patent which details a person-to-person money transmission method which could potentially grab market share from PayPal and Square, and hit the already beleaguered banking sector struggling to keep up with FinTech.

Source: Forbes


Paypal Hacks: The Real Thing

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Греческий кризис добавляет Биткойну популярности

29 июня власти Греции приняли решение приостановить работу банков в стране до 7 июля. Был введен дневной лимит на снятие наличных средств в размере 60 евро.


A Tail of Dodgy Deals and Dodgy Dealers

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Start up: Apple Music's likely effects, no Paypal in Greece, how Bitstamp was hacked, and more

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TechSummit Rewind #031: July 2, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is the TechSummit Rewind, a recap of the top technology headlines.

PayPal acquires Xoom for $890 million

PayPal has acquired digital money transfer service Xoom for roughly $890 million, or $25 a share. 1,055 more words


PayPal to buy Xoom for $1.2bn

IT News  – PayPal will buy digital money transfer provider Xoom for US$890 million (A$1.2 billion) as it muscles into a growing international remittance market and expands in countries like Mexico, India and China ahead of a spinoff from eBay.  31 more words