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Guy Fieri Takes on Anthony Bourdain and Frozen Pizza in Revealing New Interview

Guy Fieri is a famous American chef. Whether you want to admit it or not, that’s the truth. His bleached, spiky hair is iconic. His adventures eating his way through America via greasy diner countertops are infamous. 477 de cuvinte mai mult


Here's the First Look at Zendaya in 'The Greatest Showman'

Zendaya has made a name for herself as an actress on our television screens, and now, she’s establishing herself on the big screen as well. In July she will be making her major feature-film debut in… 283 de cuvinte mai mult


Facebook Debuts New Suggestions for its Messenger AI Assistant

Facebook’s Messenger app wants to be more helpful.

In April, Facebook unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant „M,” which uses machine learning techniques to offer users suggestions for messages to can write and actions to perform in the social networking site’s Messenger app. 348 de cuvinte mai mult


Making Money

I would like to earn a little money for my writing. Even a pound or a dollar for every Blog would help. Let me know what you think and I can send along my Paypal details. 24 de cuvinte mai mult

Ivanka Trump tendrá que declarar en la corte por acusaciones de plagio

En junio del 2016, Ivanka Trump fue demandada por la marca de zapatos italiana Aquazzura por copiar uno de sus diseños más populares, y ahora la asesora e hija del presidente de los Estados Unidos ha sido llamada a testificar en corte a pesar de que sus abogados habían presentado una solicitud al tribunal para prevenirlo. 346 de cuvinte mai mult


No PayPal for Tunisia

Despite the consolidation message sent by Tunisia a few weeks ago, and despite the positive exchange of views between the Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, and… 175 de cuvinte mai mult


GiftPanda - Earning app

This is about an app called GiftPanda. It is available for both IOS and Android.

Basically, this app can earn you money at your fingertips anywhere and at any time. 198 de cuvinte mai mult

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