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5 Things to Know About Anthony Bourdain's New Girlfriend, Asia Argento

Anthony Bourdain was recently spotted out and about with a new lady on his arm: 41-year-old Asia Argento. Italian magazine Chi ran pics of the pair hand-in-hand in Rome; … 347 de cuvinte mai mult


Hot Take: Redskins fans are rightfully uneasy this offseason

Over the past season, Washington Redskins fans were on the edge of their seats as game-after-game, the outcomes would come down to nail-biting finishes.

The Redskins finished the season missing the playoffs despite another winning campaign. 506 cuvinte mai mult

Washington Redskins

It looks like the original Green Power Ranger is seriously itching to fight CM Punk

Jason David Frank, aka Tommy, the Green Ranger from the original Power Rangers TV series (and that amazing movie), has moved on to a new phase in his career, and he’s gunning for former superstars—presumably hoping to gain attention by pummeling someone who used to enjoy quite a bit of celebrity in his own right: CM Punk. 467 de cuvinte mai mult

Per readers' request! FuturisTrendcast now accepts Bitcoin Donations!


If you want to donate BTC, you can go to and click on SUPPORT tab on top. This is the general donations page for all Lada Ray’s work. 71 de cuvinte mai mult

Earth Shift Report

No Phone, No Photos :(

My phones have died. Yes, you read that right. Phones, as in more than one. More specifically, two. They have died. Well, one really has, and the other is almost at the grave, so just as good as dead. 229 de cuvinte mai mult

We Must Answer the Call the Stars are Making.

⇒Just as recent as five years ago there were thoughts and theories that were only dreams and wishes. These wishes and dreams and thoughts and theories… 277 de cuvinte mai mult