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52 Weeks of Gaming: Week 23 (6/3-6/9): Trapped in a Theater

Persona Q2 New Cinema
: Heading into this year, this was the
only 3DS game that I was looking forward to (and probably the last 3DS game I’ll… 746 de cuvinte mai mult

52 Weeks Of Gaming: 2019 Edition


Each soul gives off different energy;

A mystery of spiritual dichotomy.

Some are bright,

Like a blinding light,

While others so subtle

They appear confused and muddled. 155 de cuvinte mai mult

Online persona

What would I think if I met my online persona? Would I like them, or would I sneer slightly, embarrassed by my own proximity? I’ve tried not to hide behind that persona too much – I use my own name (more or less), and a picture that’s only a year old. 960 de cuvinte mai mult

Persona 5: Ann's Awakening

Pretty dramatic title huh. Anyway, time for a little more exposition before we head in. We learn that Ann, the other blonde that I had mentioned earlier, is currently under pressure from Kamoshida for some „favors” if you will, in exchange for letting her friend Shiho have a starting spot on the Volleyball team. 271 de cuvinte mai mult



Obsession; dangerous, pathological, not normal
Passion; meaningful, desirable, purposeful
the line between; Ctrl + B
but sometimes that line
it’s harder to see 133 de cuvinte mai mult


Persona (1966)

‘I can imagine myself thinking and feeling like Alma and Elisabet did.’

Itulah hal pertama yang muncul di benak saya setelah menonton Persona untuk pertama kali, meski sejujurnya ketika saya menonton film tersebut tadi malam, saya tidak dapat menyimaknya dengan baik karena satu dan lain hal. 613 cuvinte mai mult

What I Like

Fursona Reference - Jubilee Viscer

Fursona Reference – Jubilee Viscer
(Wolfdog – Arctic Wolf & Spitz mix; ey/she/he pronouns)
by JBV