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Lummi Ferry Dock Location Options at Gooseberry Point

Three options for improving Lummi Island ferry terminal facilities at Gooseberry Point are being considered as part of the County’s ferry system improvement project. Each option has substantial long-term financial, operational and other pros and cons. 110 cuvinte mai mult

Lummi Island Ferry

Right-sizing Lummi Island Ferry - Demand and Capacity

A choice must be made about the size of the replacement Lummi Island ferry. PLIC-White-Paper-3-Demand-and-Capacity-Options- summarizes the planning consultants’ estimated demand for vehicle transport in the decades ahead, especially during ‘peak normal use’, generally commuting periods. 58 de cuvinte mai mult

Whatcom County Government

Ferry System Upgrade - Population Projections

Estimating Lummi Island’s population growth over the next few decades is an important part of planning to replace the Whatcom Chief with an appropriately sized vessel, which will have a life span of at least 60 years. 92 de cuvinte mai mult

Lummi Island Ferry