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COVID NZ: Have Cases peaked? Could this mean Lockdown less than 4 weeks?

Stay in Lockdown

Is the curve Flattening
Or is it Fattening
Do you have the nerve
To fatten the curve
COVID’s not Flattering

Alan Grace… 695 de cuvinte mai mult

So Are The Neighbors Happy Or Not?

I played some screamo-metal music

In my yard the other day.

Now the grass is black,

And the lawn cuts itself, so yay?


The Games We Play

Lend me your ear, soft and clear, words flow fumbling out without making sense.

The twist and turns of phrases falling, you beg for attention, speaking on dreams and goals, you long to behold. 212 cuvinte mai mult


The Quiet Path

Photo by Simon Matzinger on

I dream
some days
of getting lost in the path
along the quiet way home
way past the halfway evergreen…
11 cuvinte mai mult


Four Times The Shastra Police Would Have Ruined Everything

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, therefore advised the cowherd men to stop the Indra-yajna and begin the Govardhana Puja in order to chastise Indra who was very much puffed up at being the supreme controller of the heavenly planets.” ( 1.100 de cuvinte mai mult

Hare Krishna

Book Spine Poetry

April is National Poetry Month! While I would celebrate by sharing books from my favorite poets, I found this idea to create poems with book spine poetry: 64 de cuvinte mai mult