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北韓經濟正在蓬勃發展?(North Korea's economy is booming?)


中國政經趨勢人權北韓平壤裙帶政治 2017年7月25日 BY 恭應湘

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It is generally believed that North Korea is a poor and backward socialist country, but in recent years has been secretly transition to the capitalist society, and the economy is more resistant to Western sanctions, is booming The North Korean economic outlook, released by the South Korean central bank recently, shows that North Korea’s economy grew by 3.9% in 2016, the fastest growth rate in 17 years and the trade volume rose 4.6% year-on-year. 364 de cuvinte mai mult


Shazni Munir PAN Fitnah ADUN Johor Pada Jelajah Hasutan?

Menariknya Naib Ketua Pemuda PAN itu berucap di pentas program jelajah YB Rafizi anjuran Invoke.

YB Rafizi Ramli pada satu majlis pembangkang telah menegaskan bahawa, … 93 de cuvinte mai mult


Lazăr Iordache, arestat preventiv asăzi

Lazăr Iordache, arestat preventiv asăzi Lazăr Iordache, Vicepreședintele Agenției Naționale a Medicamentului și a Dispozitivelor Medicale, a fost arestat pentru 30 de zile. Tribunalul București a admis marți propunerea DNA de arestare preventivă a lui Iordache, însă decizia nu este

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lobby in favor of Iranian regime

By syavosh nayim

The lobby of Iranian regime under the name of opposition
There are very many  articles in newspapers or web site
the themes are Similar and common,  MEK is a terrorist organization and it does not have the merit of being the official  207 cuvinte mai mult


Iran: At least 2300 pre-school kids live in prisons

by Women’s News

The number of pre-school children who live in Iranian prisons along with their mothers has reached 2300.

Mohammad Javad Fat’hi, member of the judicial committee of the Iranian parliament, announced on July 22, 2017, that 2300 kids are in prisons along with their parents, a situation which is “very strange” and “needs to be deliberated on.” 148 de cuvinte mai mult