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Beginning of the End

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 5 • 20G • 35.84% of gamers unlocked this

So … here we go. The final episode of Bigby et. 242 de cuvinte mai mult


Geometry Puzzle

What is the area of Pink region as a % or fraction of total area of square?

Food For Thought

Puzzle #181: Nurikabe

This is a Nurikabe puzzle.

The rules for Nurikabe can be found here: Rules page

It’s definitely a perfectly accurate clock.


The Life-changing Perspective.

Disclaimer: This post may change how you view Life. But you will have to read it till the end to understand it properly.

We have been taught by our schools that if one option is right the other options are definitely wrong or if you are able to deduce 99% options as wrong the remaining one is the right.

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{New Walkthrough} Break The Curse in Donna Brave and the Deathly Tree

Mad Head Games presents the next adventure in their new Donna Brave series!
Donna Brave is on the case again, investigating a strange tree that grabs and poisons its victims, but when her childhood friend Kathi becomes the next victim, the case gets personal. 34 de cuvinte mai mult

What I Play

Wednesday Math Puzzle

„God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.” –  Paul Dirac

Happy Wednesday, wherever you are! :)


A Question of 'Sometimes'

Sometimes I feel why I am here

There is nothing inside me

Joy or fear,

A completely numb and

An expressionless soul,

Roaming all around… 120 de cuvinte mai mult