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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Im a full time mummy from Manchester I have a daughter who is 4.5 and im currently expecting baby #2!

So as i start my journey into the world of blogging, i do realize that their must be thousands upon thousands of mumsy type blogs, and i am but just a small fish in a large pond of bloggers. 184 de cuvinte mai mult


“To protect the World from devastation,”

“To Unite all people within our nation,”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love,”

“To extend our reach to the stars above,”

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Random Blogs

Fables is a comic book series that was recommended to me by my co-worker Erick. You may remember him from the Pokemon Battledome post where he composed a team that was built to hit hard! 606 cuvinte mai mult

Random Blogs

Happy Thursday Novas! Recently, I have downloaded Pokemon Go again to play with some friends and I find myself sucked back into the black hole that once took over my free time when the mobile game first released. 663 de cuvinte mai mult

Random Blogs


This is a google slide for one of my assessment on masculinity.

The one below is some notes for the presentation to help me. 14 cuvinte mai mult

Random Blogs

Do we really need to upgrade iPhones?

Now-a-days I see many of my mates so excited with the new Phones and want to get it upgraded with a year of use. I mean, its great to use new phones, but are they really worth the upgrade? 356 de cuvinte mai mult

Random Blogs

Royal Pains is a collection of stories that highlight some of the most rotten, evil and mischievous royals over the centuries. This anthology written by Leslie Carroll attempts to recount the reasons (whether valid or embellished) why these royals were considered royal pains to their blue booded families. 593 de cuvinte mai mult

Random Blogs