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The Blessing of Darkness- Loneliness, part 4 of 8

Enduring Prayer

Sunday, 5/24/20 the preaching by our pastor was convicting.

I knew right away I was „in for it” as the Scripture passage was read and the phrase the “disciples were sleeping for sorrow” jumped out at me. 1.511 cuvinte mai mult

The Blessing Of Darkness

Am I a disciple of Jesus?

I just watched the film, “Tortured for Christ,” and many years ago read the book of the same title.  It’s about Romanian pastor, Richard Wurmbrand.  Opposing the Communist regime, he was imprisoned for fourteen years and repeatedly and brutally beaten for his refusal to forsake his Christian faith. 683 de cuvinte mai mult

Contemporary Culture

Richard Wurmbrand, Loneliness, and Creativity in Isolation

The following is a loose transcript of a video message posted by scholar, pastor, and prolific author Iosif Ton on April 11, 2020, titled ‘Isolation and Creativity’ (see… 716 cuvinte mai mult


Daniel Branzei - Inedit la Cina Domnului

 Cina Domnului

Condițiile grele ne pun probleme grele și este normal ca soluțiile să nu fie  ușoare. Întrebarea circulă mult și în America. Mi-a plăcut răspunsul dat de Pipper: „ 702 cuvinte mai mult


Tortured for Christ - the movie (limited-time, free, online event)

Dear friends,

I wanted to share a limited-time opportunity to watch an inspiring, new movie, Tortured for Christ online for free.  This is the cinematic retelling of the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand, formerly persecuted Romanian pastor and founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, as originally written in the international bestseller book, … 197 de cuvinte mai mult

Limited-time Offers/Events

From Richard Wurmbrand to Our Suffering Sovereign

I’ve finished another chapter draft in the book I am writing, A Traveler’s Guide through Suffering and Joy. I will give you a link to it below. 623 de cuvinte mai mult

Spiritual Growth

Out of Intense Suffering, He's Making Diamonds

Deep within the earth something magnificent happens.

Far below the surface where there is no light and hardly any air, common rock becomes transformed into something exquisite….diamonds. 964 de cuvinte mai mult

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