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Romania’s Kafkaesque and Orwellian Era

After reading Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, Franz Kafka’s The Trial, and Romania: A Country Study from the Federal Research Division, I noticed some unfortunate similarities. 733 de cuvinte mai mult


The Northern

If you’ve read the article Kingdom, you’ll know that I left it on a cliffhanger; I closed the article with the sentence “I boarded a train towards Baia Mare”. 514 cuvinte mai mult


Teaching English in Romania?

Next Friday (June 28th, 2019), I will depart the United States and head to Oradea, Romania to help conduct mission work. I will fly into Budapest, Hungary where I will meet the minister from Oradea, then we will drive 3 1/2 hours to Romania. 73 de cuvinte mai mult

A fi români sau a nu fi

Suntem români dincolo de ţara în care trãim. Suntem români
dincolo de limba pe care o vorbim. Suntem români pentru cã simţim româneşte.
Chiar dacã uneori am uitat cum se face asta şi ne limitam la surogate ieftine… 1.175 de cuvinte mai mult

My Beliefs

Four Days in Romania

Four Day Trip to Romania

During my most recent trip to Israel I spontaneously decided to join a friend on a trip to Romania, the country where my Saba (grandpa) is from. 1.009 cuvinte mai mult