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Indoor golf

The local Rotary club is having its 19th annual indoor golf fun day this coming weekend. The group raises funds for community projects and has been involved in the local skate board park, a full park and a water park. 41 de cuvinte mai mult

Social Activism

dinner in magreb

A dangerous diplomat is waiting at yourà

doorstep.  He is saying that your wife

is a foreign spy, but you

disagree because you believe in the… 19 cuvinte mai mult

Om mig og Landeplacering.

Hej, jeg hedder Natasja. Måske kender du mig, måske gør du ikke. Jeg er 15 år gammel. Om ca. et halvt år skal, jeg med Rotary på udveksling. 304 cuvinte mai mult


How I landed a BMW i8 using LinkedIn

That should really read, how I landed a BMW i8 for the weekend using LinkedIn but you don’t want the facts to get in the way of a great headline ;) … 123 de cuvinte mai mult


#Focus - The Four Rotor Mazda 767B-003.

The first time Mazda used a four rotor engine in one of their sports prototype racers at Le Mans was in 1988 and this was achieved through the introduction of the almighty Mazda 767 and introduction of the 13J-M2 Wankel rotary unit. 902 cuvinte mai mult

Car Culture.