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Language Camp 

I spent this last week in Zánka with all the other rotary exchange students in the district (aka all of Hungary) at our first orientation/language camp. 917 more words

Contribute Toiletries and/or Visit the Vineyard Town Golden Age Home this Saturday with U.T.E.C.H Rotaract Club

The U.T E.C.H Rotaract Club will be visiting the Vineyard Town Golden Age Home this Saturday, October 1 for Community Service and Fellowship.

They will need Tin Food Pampers, Utensils and toiletries. 43 more words


TJR Rotary table 2000-2500 rpm + Robert Arm at TIMTOS - Five CNC Rotary Table Accessories Your Facility Really needs Comment

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Yoo's Mazda RX7

It seems I’ve been posting a lot of RX7 material lately. They are just really cool cars that have fun yet aggressive styling cues. I’ll actually be posting another really nice customer FC3S tomorrow most likely. 354 more words

Northern Indiana Rotary District 6540 and Elkhart Noon Rotary Club Sponsor Shoreline Restoration Project at Wellfield Botanic Gardens

September 27, 2016

Over one half of Wellfield Botanic Gardens’ 36 acres are comprised of surface water including a navigable stream, Christiana Creek that runs directly through the property. 441 more words

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Of Beds and Dancing

A quick throwback to the 2015 Tichakunda Children’s Home Bunk-Bed Drive in Partnership with Sarah Foltz, Living Water of Ohio and Rotary Club of Harare West…

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Augustā Latvijā viesojās rotarieši no Meksikas

No šā gada 11. līdz 26. augustam mūsu Rotary apgabalu apmeklēja Rotary Draudzības apmaiņas (RFE) grupa no Meksikas (Rotary apgabals 4110) 9 cilvēku sastāvā. 408 more words

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