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The Key 12 October 2015

Hi members and friends!

We’ve had a good break, thanks to two public holidays in a row, and we are meeting again this coming Monday (12 October) at Tribe Hotel in Nicholls. 60 more words


Jessi Does A Magic Trick

Not only did Jessi deliver one of the most amazing academic heartfelt, and personable speeches of all time, she also did magic tricks for those who are familiar with the Hogwarts light tricks.  43 more words


ShelterBox Goes To The Movies For New Bond Film’s Royal Premiere

ShelterBox is honoured to have been chosen as one of three charities to receive funds from this year’s Royal Film Performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 26 October. 496 more words


We All Have Faults ...

To be truthful I don’t know if this happens for every exchange student, but maybe at some point in the year you will have to sit down and lay out all your cards with your hosts. 480 more words

Respite From The Road In Greece

As thousands of people continue to make the journey to Europe from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Eritrea, ShelterBox is providing much-needed shelter on the Greek island of Lesbos – a halfway point for many weary travellers. 581 more words



I am sorry for not writing this before, it was just too much to know where to start… But I am gonna give it a go. 557 more words