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Preparing for Take-off

I’m sitting in the international terminal at Philadelphia airport, passing the time on a long layover (increasingly, due to delays) by reflecting on my journey so far as a Rotary Peace Fellow. 580 more words


Seeking Shade And Sanctuary In Kara Tepe Camp On Lesbos

As ShelterBox starts putting up large UN style tents in a camp on Lesbos there is a rush for the shade they provide. Also a surprise for our team as well-travelled ShelterBox kit appears, probably having originated in Syria… 489 more words


Westlock: A bounty harvest of Rotary Gifts

A beautiful scene was playing out in Westlock this week.  We drove along magnificent fields where hulking harvest machines were reaping the rewards of this less than ideal growing season.   650 more words

Rotary Clubs

RI President Message

Rotary International President Ravindran understand how important Rotaract is to the future of Rotary International. „We need to identify and remove the obstacles that keep young professionals from joining ‪#‎Rotary‬


Rotarians Induct Louie Patten

The North Coast Rotary Club inducted their first new member of the Rotary year.  Louie had been following the activities of the club for months while he considered membership.   33 more words

Community Services


Taking life by the horns may sound cliche’, but it’s exactly what Rotarians in rural Queensland have done. They have created a rodeo school for Aboriginal boys and the rules of the Shaftesbury Rodeo Academy are simple: no school, no rodeo. 513 more words

International Youth Exchange Programs

I met an interesting man yesterday. David Smith has hosted 114 international Rotary students over the past 36 years. When asked why he does this, he stated that it broadens his understanding of different cultures. 445 more words