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"I'm not a part of her social life"

I’ve been with my partner now for about 14 months. I find it quite difficult to accept how secluded her social life is. I’ve only met her best friend twice (once properly) and whenever she goes anywhere, it’s always without me. 121 de cuvinte mai mult

Advice Needed

Attitude always overrides!

I usually observe many people around me, trying to speak English or any other language, also effortlessly and proudly incorporating dis words in it. They feel as if it the sign of modernism. 213 cuvinte mai mult


my cup of tea

I always crave for you night and day

you are in my mind whenever I pray

my mornings are truly devoted to you

I almost surrendered to you as I grew… 64 de cuvinte mai mult

Daily Prompt

Blue is a dating app for verified Twitter users

A new app is looking to romantically match folks who are verified Twitter users. Blue, by Loveflutter, has launched a new version of their existing dating app that only allows Twitter users with that little blue tick to search for love, and only amongst their fellow blue-tick holders. 194 de cuvinte mai mult


Climbing Up Obstacles

I didn’t realize the importance of having a hobby until I finally found one. The amount of stress that comes along with being in business school and working and trying to have a social life can be extremely overwhelming at times. 321 de cuvinte mai mult


Line's Q2: Fewer active users but profits leap off rising ad revenues

Not every social messaging player can hope to grow into a mega platform. And Japan’s Line Corporation looks to have reached a peak in user growth – even as it shows it can grow revenue and generate rising profits off of a shrinking user-base. 636 de cuvinte mai mult


The Heretic Anthem

The past cannot be erased and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, it simply never leaves. I learned that first-hand yesterday. I like to believe that I had moved on, I like to believe it was a memory I could walk away from. 1.810 cuvinte mai mult