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My wish for social science research


As a journalist who writes often on sociopolitical issues in Singapore, I often chafe at the dearth of empirical studies and data on what makes Singapore society tick, or why it malfunctions. 1.118 cuvinte mai mult

Current Affairs

True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant....)

Just checking out the news and saw this mess. The shutdown was averted but, only until next week. Ain’t that something. What’s the point on that one? 70 de cuvinte mai mult


Influencer Day in Basel, Switzerland

Fashion bloggers explore Basel, Switzerland in their street style looks complete with the new GUESS and GC Watch Collection.

Here’s a peak into their stylish day taking selfies on the bridge, having coffee in the outdoor café and enjoying a beautiful day in Basel. 6 cuvinte mai mult


Fun Friday

Dear Journal,

Today was actually looking like it was going to be a good day. Yes, I was almost late to work but I think I have made that a habit. 708 cuvinte mai mult