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Exodus 3

The Burning Bush

Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian.

Moses had been in the land of Midian forty years. (Acts 7:30) 730 de cuvinte mai mult


Bringing Reiki to the Hospital

Reiki has been shown to have cured illnesses and injuries from the common cold to serious, life-threatening situations such as cancer. Most clients experience a feeling of deep peace and relaxation at the very least. 331 de cuvinte mai mult


Spring Cleaning: Assessment

Now that it is officially Spring (!), I thought that I would do a mini-series on the theme of spring cleaning. This isn’t just the act of finally opening the windows and dusting the cobwebs out of the room corners – I’m talking full blown re-haul of life. 364 de cuvinte mai mult


Pesan Arcturian - Mengingat Kembali DIRI Sumber Kalian

Mengingat DIRI Sumber Kalian

Pesan Arcturian disalurkan oleh Suzanne Lie, 4 Maret 2017

Mereka yang telah sukarela mengajukan diri untuk mengambil Wujud/Wadah Bumi fisik 3D untuk membantu dengan kenaikan Gaia, telah memilih untuk mengambil wujud bumi yang merupakan tiga dimensional, dengan aura dimensi keempat, dan Lightbody (Tubuh Cahaya) dimensi kelima, yang tersembunyi di dalam, dan dilindungi oleh, inti dari tulang belakang mereka. 2.584 de cuvinte mai mult


Thought for the day: When your love yourself you love everyone.

When you love yourself, you love everyone. One can’t happen without the other, its like an unfinished equation.

– Sarah Rajkotwala writer and spiritual teacher… 118 cuvinte mai mult

Spiritual Writing

Shine like you've never shone before.

Shine like you’ve never shone before. The world needs your radiance and beauty now more than ever. The world needs her lightworkers to shine at their most brilliant! 144 de cuvinte mai mult

Spiritual Writing