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Love Wins!

There is a seed, born out of heartache, that ‘appears’ to be repentance–an all encompassing repentance; as if one were to cover the events of their entire life. 481 more words


When God speaks, do it!

First, I want to share a post my friend, Shannon, put on her Facebook wall late last night.

„Quick miracle story tonight…I kept getting a random strong feeling I needed to go to Walgreens tonight. 1,129 more words


The season of Lent

During our staff devotional my boss asked if I’ve ever participated in Ash Wednesday. I responded, I’ve never been Ashed but most definitely Ashy. Laughter just exploded the room. 304 more words


Life Lines

Graphs are incredible. They can show us amazing trends. And we can learn so much from them. I use graphs every day at work looking at web analytics or renewable energy use and they never cease to surprise and delight me. 448 more words


Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: LIVE LIFE FAITHFULLY


FAITH is a spiritual law that dwells in each of us. Like all the other spiritual laws, you have to BE it. Then you must demonstrate it, to see it. 128 more words


Is this home?

My new layout

Most people think it is odd that I hate being at home, especially in the south. I am unsure if it is a result of being a city girl or my inability to sit still. 259 more words


Intellectually Hushed 

Depending on the nature of a „give and take,” compromising and sanctioning oneself aren’t necessarily bad things, but to do it solely to appease somebody else’s comfortability with their own „lack” is unacceptable. 148 more words