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The Memory Of Us

First, the good news. I’ve found a Golden Ticket and ‘You’ve Got A Golden Ticket’. Just passing it on. This is for everyone. … 146 more words


Free Will & Faith (Say Yes)

We, the descendants of the Age of Reason, have been nurtured to raise a suspicious eyebrow at suggestions like have faith, or, trust the universe… 1,099 more words

Your Clair, What?

As humans, we have our five senses, Touching, Smelling, Hearing, Seeing & Tasting.

The Five Main Clairs are based on our five senses. A brief recap of the Clairs: 1,055 more words



The 70’s was great for me!    Our daughter was born, and our two sons were 2 and 4 years old.

I was:

"Why Does God Let This Keep Happening?"

Ever wonder why some things keep happening to you over and over?  Why you keep getting the same kind of boss?  Run into the same personality types or situations?   14 more words

When your expectations don't match your Experience.

What happens when what you are expecting does not line up with what you are experiencing? Through life we set goals and have aspirations of the things we want to accomplish and many times we will set out to accomplish those goals but what happens when what you expect is not what you experience? 449 more words



It is a weak man
who trains himself to open
his voice,
before he has trained himself
to open this mind.