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Challenged, Confined and Escape from Fort Collins

Wee, the idyll we started out on has rapidly descended into a challenge of a mighty sort. The van has coughed choked sputtered and died for the second time. 1.352 de cuvinte mai mult


By „change” we too often mean the same old thing repackaged well enough to alleviate our conscience. Real change is crucifixion. It doesn’t come from a good book or a good cry. 44 de cuvinte mai mult


Past & Peace 

„Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness. But because you deserve peace.”

The way I think of the past is like written chapters to your unfinished book.

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What happened?

What did you want to be when you grew up? A policeman? A firefighter? Maybe an astronaut? Were your childhood dreams reality back then? Did you really wanted to become one of them? 165 de cuvinte mai mult


Fulfilling Your Purpose

„Fulfill your purpose first by worshipping God, then be fruitful in every other area of your life. Such as using your gifts to bless others, being excellent at work and touching the lives of the people around you.

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Let Them Walk

I found myself so frustrated, hurt, confused, and upset. In other words, I was in my feelings. I was hurt because I was in the position where I felt talked about, betrayed, and let down. 821 de cuvinte mai mult

Truth in Love Goes Far Deeper than a Polite Way to Insult Someone

“Hey, Harold, I gotta tell you, that is a really ugly paint job on your car. Just speaking the truth in love, bro.”

“Oh Maude, honey, that hairstyle is all wrong for you. 665 de cuvinte mai mult