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The Power of Words and Thoughts

There is a great power behind the words we speak and those we don’t speak. For example, the word ‘try.’ You can’t „try” to do anything. 386 de cuvinte mai mult



Give me the strength to trust in the goodness of others,

to forgive those that have wronged me,

to let go of the things out of my control, 33 de cuvinte mai mult



Here in the middle, thoughts circling and consuming me. My mind doesn’t know my heart is owned by this man that is owned by another. How I got myself into this I will never know. 347 de cuvinte mai mult


Path of Least Resistance, part 2

We stop growing if all we do is taking the easy way out.  That is what I wrote in my previous post on this topic. 141 de cuvinte mai mult

Daily Writing

How Long Have They Been Trying To Communicate With Us?

It was one of the most extraordinary feelings I have ever had with another sentient being. It was like I had reconnected with another part of myself, another part of the Universe, a connection that I had forgotten about after being born into this lifetime. 583 de cuvinte mai mult