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Harpers Faery Types

Types of Harpers Faeries

All faeries have magic and pointed ears. It is common for a faerie to be identified as more than just one type of fae, because of mixed blood and adopted cultural changes. 324 more words

Family And Home

Do I need to leave my home and family to become a spiritualist?

It is not necessary for anyone to leave their homes or family to get into spiritual. 216 more words

Basic Spirituality


When a portal opens, do you run the other way–or pass through, into the unknown?


51. I started reading my bible.

Since I plan on being totally transparent on my blog, I have to share my spirituality.  I believe in God and I believe Jeseus died for my sins.   375 more words


Blind, but now I see.

A few years ago, I had some major vision issues. And that is the reason for the title selected for this blog. Having sight is a sense that most naturally take for granted. 323 more words

Mercury retrograde



“ What does Mercury Retrograde mean”

You may have heard your friends say, „Oh, no, Mercury is in retrograde again!” And you may have wondered what in the world are they talking about… I know my best friend gives me that look every time I mention Mercury… Well no more confusion and don’t panic if you don’t know astrology, im no Nostradamus myself but here are a few key facts and a quick rundown on what you need to know to get you through “ Mercury Retrograde” 870 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: Bide Our Time

Now, we sit

And wait for our time

To unleash

And breathe the

Sweet breath of victory for

All eternity.

Climb up to

The tall, dangerous… 13 more words