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Loving Myself + Manifestation

OK! After some periods of struggles, I decided to spoil myself with an apartment I found so amazingly astonishing. It comes with a high price, but it’s like a hotel and heaven. 380 more words


August is Here!!!!!

Well good morning, August is here, my favorite phrase: I woke up this morning on top of the dirt versus the dirt on top of me! 1,180 more words


Happy August-- Free Skype Reading!

Hi, Happy August!

To celebrate the beginning of the new month, I want to give the first 3 people who respond a free Tarot reading. I see my role as a reader to facilitate a conversation between the cards, you and me, so together we can help you recognize your true self and path. 27 more words


August for Frey - Day 1

1. A basic introduction of the deity.

Frey, or Yngvi-Frey, or Freyr, or Ingvi, or however you call him, is one of the Vanir gods of the general Norse pantheon. 534 more words


A post a day keeps Satan away

So today I have decided to let ya’ll share a spiritual thought with me and each other! Share what you have found in your scriptures and check out my blog for a spiritual thought if you are lazy. 39 more words