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Free love- The key to the Divine

The last of my 3 keys to spiritual living is… Free Love… The key to the divine.

Free love is the ability and action to just ‘love people’ 991 more words



As many, I have learned a new word over the weekend! A great talk was given by Elder Devin G. Durrant during the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference. 297 more words

General Conference

Living the Life That's Meant to be Lived

This title is one that comes in similar variations in one form or another on the covers of many self motivational books, no doubt this very title is a book! 570 more words

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I am the Soul [Poem]

I am not this mind
I am not these thoughts circulating around
I am not this worry that is unfounded
I am not this happiness that is unbounded… 180 more words

Modern Day Shaman: On and on…

As I stumbled upon the many delights of the forest where I had found to be my home, I discovered a river – a little bigger than the one before. 689 more words


Numen Yeye Series

It is my new year. On the first Saturday of this month I turned 65. Nothing new in that as one day looks very much like another eh? 613 more words