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Distant Can Be Dangerous


Has there ever been a moment in your life where you’ve become distant from things? Whether it’s friends, family members, or even God? Yeah Me too. 459 de cuvinte mai mult


Nobody Else

They wonder if I’m in love, if there’s someone else. Not knowing I’m writing to my future. Presenting these letters and poems, like baby, there’s nobody else. 203 cuvinte mai mult


extraordinary: the stan romanek story

Stan Romanek is the center of the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world that his story is true. 103 cuvinte mai mult


Doorway to the Soul

Clovistia:  The ability of the human body to open its DNA and cells to receive divine ascension and awareness so you can nourish the soul begins with a primal awareness of nutrition.  740 de cuvinte mai mult


Faith or Fear?

I want to be able to open up to someone. I mean open up my whole life to them. Tell them about my deepest feelings. Explain to them how my mind works and how I think a lot. 384 de cuvinte mai mult


These Boots Will Forever Know This Earth

I found myself looking for a sign today, in which direction I needed to take in this life or even just reassurance that I was in fact headed in the right direction. 507 cuvinte mai mult

Love And Nurture

Broken connection

If you keep thinking about them everyday that……..
how good life is without them,
how relieved you are in their absence,
how much you are in control of life after forgetting them, 132 de cuvinte mai mult