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Plastic Vampire Teeth in the Land of Dracula, Part II

While Bran Castle has little to do with either Vlad Tepes or Stoker’s Dracula, there is an authentic and much less visited Dracula’s castle not far from Bran. 1.992 de cuvinte mai mult


A Long Forgotten Century: Chapter III - Vortex of Emotions

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Prose And Drawings

Saints and demons of Valacchia

I think I could use a day more to visit Bucarest, but I have allowed myself and my travelmate  just one. On day 2 we were ready to hit the road: first we headed to… 519 cuvinte mai mult


La Mânăstirea Turnu Prahova

Duminică, 11 Decembrie, a fost o zi superbă, prea călduroasă pentru o lună de iarnă. Așa că, am acceptat invitația lui Alex și am mers să vizităm Mânăstirea Turnu Prahova, recent restaurată. 453 de cuvinte mai mult


Traveling through Transylvania in Search of the Real Dracula

I woke up yesterday to see #Transylvania trending on Facebook. After a momentary surge of excitement (how often is Romania ever in the news?), I figured it probably had something to do with Halloween. 904 cuvinte mai mult


Vlad Țepeș - The Impaler

Vlad Țepeș – The Impaler, Acrylic on canvas,

8″ x 10″, 2008

© copyright François Champagne-Limoges


Romania in 13 days -a road trip

Why Romania? was the common question when people heard I was going to spend my summer holidays in Romania. Why not? – was my answer – It is a country rich in history, culture, beautiful landscapes, traditions… Honestly, I couldn’t find any good reason not to go: besides, this country doesn’t know (yet) mass tourism but it will soon, as tourism industry is improving fast. 366 de cuvinte mai mult