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T is for Transylvania and a #Trailer

It’s a cliché, really, but often Transylvania is automatically associated with Dracula. Stories of vampires hailing from the region run the gamut from Sesame Street… 255 de cuvinte mai mult

A trip down memory lane

The last few days we’ve had the flu. Ugh! The worst feeling ever. I blame our grandsons for giving us this flu. Why blame them? Well, they are the only people we’ve been in contact with this last week and they always seem to be sick. 521 de cuvinte mai mult




Sama kaya judulnya, kali ini gua mau ngomongin Vampire. Karena waktu gua nanya-nanya ke temen gua soal kepercayaan mereka sama Vampire, jawabannya variatif banget. Kebanyakan sih jawaban mereka “percaya-gak percaya”, gimana tuh maksudnya, jadi percaya apa gak percaya nih? 686 de cuvinte mai mult


Un tablou minunat:

Cetatea Poenari

original, semnat de autor pe spate, înrămat și însoțit de

Certificat de Autenticitate

Dimensiuni disponibile și prețuri:

A. 40X50 cm… 32 de cuvinte mai mult


The Search for Dracula, Part Two

Now that I had a date and time set up with John, my private tour guide, for the following day, I decided to use my free day to find Bucharest’s tie to Dracula–Curtea Veche.  877 de cuvinte mai mult

Budget Travel

In Search of Dracula, Part One

When I planned my Romania travels back in the US, I decided to focus on the region of Transylvania and Bucharest.  Unwittingly, I managed to follow Romania’s local legend, Vlad Tepes, around the region throughout my stay.  884 de cuvinte mai mult

Budget Travel