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Road trip Romania! Bucharest to Brasov, July 2016

We squeezed into another 5-seater rental car (above, they are all looking at a screen btw) like we did at the start of the trip, and this time we had ML on hand-yes, that makes 7 of us! 800 more words


such excite

My parents and Jester’s parents have spoiled me as far as birthday gifts. Not only have I replaced my broken phone case (and received the anticipated scolding from Jester because I really did get the design I posted about recently, with the grammar eagle logo…), but I’m also on my way to having purchased my entire book wish-list. 628 more words

Excerpt from Vlad Ţepeş and the Golden Cup

Chapter 7

The homeless man, who’d been sleeping at the Metrou station entrance, stumbled down the two stairs toward Daciana and Gabriela.

“Stop! Thou must help me,” he cried out. 1,611 more words


New Book about Vlad Ţepeş coming soon

Things are almost settled with the finalized versions of the cover. I wanted to give everyone a special hint of the title and hopefully before the end of the day, I will be posting the full cover (front and back), along with a description.


Sighișoara and Sibiu

Traveling deeper into the historic region of Transylvania we stumble upon Sighisoara a colorful, lively old town and birthplace of Vlad Tepes. Founded by German craftsmen and merchants known as the Saxons of Transylvania, the colorful old town remains fortified by stone walls, and very well preserved.  1,106 more words



Through countless folklore, novels, or films from around the world, vampires have been a part of our culture since the dawn of civilization.  The glamorous imagery of these blood sucking human creatures romancing our youth that drive them into gothic subcultures are entirely fictional characters that were created for pure entertainment.   1,617 more words


Positive energy circulating around the city of Bucharest

Stayed @ Radisson Blu Hotel

Good location, comfortable rooms, professional staff inside the hotel(Because in the fitness area they are not). No doubt a beautiful 5 star hotel. 546 more words