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Balkans: Romania

Among the few countries left in the Balkans, Swapna and me decided to visit Romania and Greece this time. We have truly fallen in love with the Balkans as there are a lot of stories to hear without the extreme commercialization of West Europe. 1.657 de cuvinte mai mult


Kyle B. Stiff Update: Vlad the Impaler

Hello! Kept you waiting, huh?

Sorry for the long absence. My life went through a big shakedowns in which god-level cosmic forces steamrolled through every aspect of my existence. 446 de cuvinte mai mult

Vlad Țepeș, domnitorul din spatele legendei

Vlad Țepeș e o figură fascinantă. Este acel subiect aflat la granița dintre mistic și adevărul istoric. Asociat în permanență cu Dracula epocii moderne, marele voievod ocupă un loc cu totul aparte în istoriografia națională, dar și universală. 1.229 de cuvinte mai mult



A burial ground in London going back to Roman times grew to become the sprawling, Gothic, Highgate Cemetery. In the late 1960s, Satanic rituals and sightings of ghosts were reported. 262 de cuvinte mai mult


"Vlad!!? What a Lad!!"–Sink your teeth into Dracula’s real story

If you were to ask me my top three favorite places I visited during my travels Romania is in there. Anytime I talk about my trip I usually start with Romania. 1.256 de cuvinte mai mult

Fun Notes

Snagov Monastery, the burial place of Dracula

Snagov Monastery, Romania – the Burial Place of Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula

Snagov Monastery built on an island on Snagov Lake, was an important cultural center of Walachia in the feudal age.   227 de cuvinte mai mult


Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 19)

Alex waited until the order members left the order headquarters and entered their carriages leaving for their various manors spread across the city of London. He knew Lord Laurent and Lord Davenport were staying at the headquarters with Mister Browning and he felt leaving his position where he could still eavesdrop on their conversations was not beneficial. 806 cuvinte mai mult

Dracula Fan Fiction