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“You fool Hyde, you can never defeat us” – Jekyll and Hyde AD 2016

Following the gothic cross-sectional glimpses at Frankenstein and Dracula over the last two years, Jokerside looks at the rocky state of Dr Jekyll and the ever chaotic world of… 3,567 more words


Dracula - The Romanian!

Romania’s national hero

 When we think of Dracula we almost always think about the made up character, the bloody vampire that always makes a good Halloween story for the kids. 566 more words

About Romania

Torgeist - Devoted to Satan & Time of Sabbath

Drakkar Productions have been doing a stellar job of preserving Les Légions Noires material and releasing top-notch represses. Torgeist are one of the very underrated bands from the LLN scene much like… 370 more words



Brașovul este unul dintre cele mai frumoase orașe pe care le poți vizita în minunatul tărâm numit România. Pe lângă frumusețea în sine a orașului în special pe perioada iernii, Brașovul are o mulțime de obiective turistice pe care nu aveți voie să le ratați dacă aveți ocazia de a-l vizita. 187 more words

In the footsteps of Dracula

More of less by coincidence we ended up following in the footsteps of Dracula, from birth to death – or actually the other way around. 338 more words


Czech TV Exposes Hardcore Jihadis Disguised As Refugees

With thanks to Vlad Tepes and Xanthippa:

If there is any doubt in your mind that there are battle-hardened jihadis finding their way into Europe (and into the United States) while posing as war-frightened fleeing refugees, click and watch the below video-link from Czech Independent TV.  50 more words


Why Muslims Greet Infidels With The Left Hand

Today’s lesson is a demonstration of the status of non-Muslims within the minds of the practitioners of Islam.  If, as an Infidel, you are surprised (or perhaps offended) by the gesture of a Muslim who greets you by extending his left hand (which is explained in the video), please bear in mind that the true Muslim is equally offended by your existence, because you and I as Infidels are considered to be… 215 more words