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Birthplace of Dracula

It is generally accepted that Bram Stoker’s famous character, Dracula, was based on the historical figure Vlad Tepes (also called Vlad Dracula and Vlad the Impaler). 543 de cuvinte mai mult


Sighisoara - Let's Do The Time Warp

Having watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show the other night and the 2006 Rocky Horror Tribute Show last night I was reminded of my own visit to (transsexual) Transylvania a few years back and the fact that I had not yet shared with my dear Reader here a series of reviews I wrote on delightful Sighisoara. 490 de cuvinte mai mult



Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Țepeș, [ˈvlad ˈt͡sepeʃ]) or Vlad Dracula, was the Prince of Wallachia three different times. The bust below, located in the Old Town in Central Bucharest, represents his 2nd reign.

7aug17 Bucharest, Romania


MESAJ VIDEO! VLAD ŢEPEȘ - către politicieni și politruci!

Sigur, este doar un reușit montaj video, realizat de un bun român. Frazele sunt memorabile, contextele, parcă de fiecare dată, potrivite! 97 de cuvinte mai mult

Do Yourself a Favor, and Visit Old Town Bucharest, Romania.

I recently visited Romania, which happens to be my home country, and I really wanted to do a blog post about it. Multiple blog posts actually. 815 cuvinte mai mult