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Positive energy circulating around the city of Bucharest

Stayed @ Radisson Blu Hotel

Good location, comfortable rooms, professional staff inside the hotel(Because in the fitness area they are not). No doubt a beautiful 5 star hotel. 546 more words

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 11)

Harrow had been Daniel’s final destination, the manor of Lord Green who came from a long line of distinguished men. He was a widow, his only son entrenched in the order since his 16th birthday. 1,283 more words

Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 10)

Master Daniel Davenport made his next stop Westminster where Lord Laurent had one of his manors. Whn he stopped here the butler for this manner had told him Lord Laurent and his family had gone to their manor in Chelsea. 1,835 more words

Dracula Fan Fiction

Devolving Western Civilization Via Uncontrolled Third World Muslim Immigration

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the link.  This particular not so peaceful assembly and demonstration happened on the Paris Metro Stalingrad just three days ago.  The religion of peace in action, bringing harmony and good fellowship to Western Civ. 24 more words


Vlad the Impaler

The REAL Dracula

Stories are told based loosely on the life of Vlad. He wasn’t a vampire but, his methods were not PG rated… PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS if you are sensitive to blood, torture or violence. 6 more words

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Upcoming Release - Book Review: And I Darken

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This is my place
Her father had given it to her, and Wallachia would always be theirs.
1,073 more words
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