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Cartea I: Unde cântă vântul (II)

” Cândva, într-un loc izolat de lume, apropiat de pădure, trăia o familie: mama, tata, trei fete ale lor, un câine, niște animale pe lângă curte. 1,078 more words


Introduction to Sri Vrindavana Dham

Hare Krishna, dear devotees, I am sincerely trying to present the glories of Sri Vrindavana Dham through this book. I hope this series will bring you all closer to Vrindavana Dham. 1,492 more words


Vanity thought #1048. Walking the Vraja

Having said a few critical things about some of our attitudes towards Māyāpura, now it’s turn of Vṛndāvana. Whatever offenses we might commit by thinking of Māyāpura as a field of our enjoyment are multiplied a thousand times in Vṛndāvana. 1,429 more words


Rains of Vrindavan

There’s something about rainy Mondays. Something that doesn’t want us to get out of bed.  We want to stay wrapped in our blankets confined in our bodily warmth. 365 more words