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An insightful "did you know" for the day.

Did you know that in Google’s Gmail, the local-part of your email address (i.e. the part before the @ symbol) ignores or is not affected by periods (dots)! 198 de cuvinte mai mult

How to Add Your Yahoo Mail on Android Phone

How to Add Your Yahoo Mail on Android Phone

With the advancement of technology these days people round the world need everything at their fingertips. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops have provided the much needed support but as nobody is satisfied with what they really have and to attract more;


Yahoo Mail "Upgrade" scam

Found this in my mailbox just today, although it arrived last week.

The „Upgrade Now” link leads to „,” but the link is now dead. 99 de cuvinte mai mult


Rhapsody in Email

Yahoo Mail is down and I need to open an email from my bank. I got locked out of my bank’s online site for entering the wrong password three times, and I was told that I would have to reset my password, using the authorization code that was sent to my Yahoo Mail address. 636 de cuvinte mai mult