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Yahoo Mail's Auto-Forwarding Feature Is Back

After it was mysteriously deactivated earlier this month, the automatic email-forwarding feature on Yahoo Mail has been restored.

When users first alerted Yahoo to the… 162 more words


Yahoo didn't disable email forwarding to stop users fleeing

A few days ago, Yahoo removed one of the basic features you expect from an email provider. Yahoo Mail lost the email forwarding feature, and the timing looked very peculiar. 230 more words

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Yahoo adds security event tracking to its Account Info page, but still no "delete" button

Following news of its large-scale data breach affecting 500 million account holders, Yahoo today rolled out a change to its Yahoo Account settings screen that will better alert users to unauthorized activity on their accounts. 562 more words


Did Yahoo just shut down basic email forwarding to stop users from leaving?

Two massive security and privacy scandals hit Yahoo in the past weeks, and each one of them is a good enough reason to leave Yahoo Mail and your Yahoo properties behind and never look back. 389 more words


To spy on users, Yahoo modified tools that were supposed to protect them

Many tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter said they had not helped governmental agencies spy on their users like Yahoo did. Some said outright that they never received such orders and others insisted that they’d never comply if they did. 481 more words