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There have been multiple stories in the media about what Yahoo is doing with some of its email users.  If you use Yahoo email, you may have already experienced this. 141 more words

Yahoo Mail Tried to Block Ad Blockers, And it Might Have Backfired

Some people who logged into their Yahoo Mail accounts last week were greeted with an ultimatum: „Please disable Ad Blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail.” These users were unable to access their email accounts until they turned off their ad blockers or found a workaround for the problem. 456 more words


Fox abandons overnight ratings. Yahoo Mail may restrict ad blocking. (RBDR 11.23.2015)

Today on RBDR:

1) Fox Television announces it will no longer announce overnight numbers generated by Nielsen; instead, it will emphasize 3-day and 7-day viewing data from multiple sources. 76 more words


Yahoo Blocking Ad-Blockers From Accessing Mail?

Hmm. Is Yahoo preventing people who use ad blockers from accessing Yahoo Mail? If Yahoo feels it needs to do this to protect revenue, fine, but it needs to be more up-front and communicative about what it’s doing. 16 more words

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Use AdBlock And Yahoo May Block You From Reading Your E-Mail

If you still live in 2003 and have a Yahoo e-mail account but also use Ad Block to, ya know, block ads, then the folks at Yahoo might have a nasty surprise for you when you go to check your inbox. 250 more words

You could rake in more compliments

You can rake in more compliments for your writing if you’re familiar with English and common idioms. The phrasal verb rake up used on Yahoo! Makers means „to revive or bring to light”: 13 more words